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Excelitas Announced The Availability of an Enhanced Series of APDs

Excelitas Technologies Corp of Waltham, MA, USA, which provides customized optoelectronics to OEMs, has announced the availability of an enhanced series of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) that provide high responsivity for ultra-low-light applications.

Featuring a double-diffused ‘reach-through’ structure, the C30902EH-2 and C30902SH-2 APDs are fabricated with a built-in 905nm band-pass filter for high efficiency and rapid rise and fall times. The modules can be used in normal linear mode or in ‘Geiger’ mode, to meet specific needs in LIDAR, range-finding, small-signal fluorescence, photon counting and bar code scanning applications.

“We are continually integrating industry-leading innovations and enhanced features such as a wide operating range and extremely low noise to our wide range of photodiode solutions,” says Michael Ersoni, executive VP, global commercial business. “Excelitas’ latest Si-APDs with integrated filters are an excellent option for OEMs seeking photon detectors that will increase the efficiency and performance of their end-products,” he adds.

The EH-2 version’s low-level light and advanced signal detection capabilities are further enhanced by a hermetically sealed TO-18 package that enables minimal signal losses without the risk of endangering detector stability. Both modules offer high quantum efficiency (77% typical at the 830nm wavelength) and rapid spectral response in the 400–1000nm range.

The C30902EH-2 and C30902SH-2 modules are on display in booth 5509 at Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco (4–6 February).

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Excelitas Unveils Enhanced Apds for Ultra-Low-Light Applications