Trade Resources Industry Views Karl Mayer Knitting Machine Set The Standard in Producing Plain Warp-Knitted Textiles

Karl Mayer Knitting Machine Set The Standard in Producing Plain Warp-Knitted Textiles

KARL MAYER’s high-speed warp knitting machines have always set the standard in producing plain warp-knitted textiles at high speed.

The last benchmark was 4,000 min-1. The current version of the HKS 2-3 E with CFP components has been operating at this high speed, but even this has now been beaten.

KARL MAYER has revamped and refined this successful machine in time for the ShanghaiTex trade fair. The HKS 2-SE is the result of all the modifications that have been carried out.

The “S” in the machine designation stands for “short stroke” and represents a change in the nomenclature, which has already been implemented on some three- and four-bar HKS machines. The “E” is an abbreviation for “elastane” and means that only elastane yarns can be processed in GB 2.


The HKS 2-SE can reach speeds of 4,400 min-1 and this has enabled productivity to be increased even further. The high output enables this optimised tricot machine to offer an excellent price:performance ratio. Furthermore, at comparable speeds, the energy consumption and noise levels of the HKS 2-SE are lower than those of the previous model.

Just like the HKS 2-3 E, this new model is the ideal machine for producing stretch charmeuse and double tricot fabrics. Tests carried out in practice have shown that this machine can produce all the well-known types of fabric already established on the market without any problems.

The design of the guide bars and guide mountings in particular has been completely reworked, so that the machine can produce the same products at much higher speed. The modifications have reduced the weight even more and further increased the stability.

Technical features

In general, the HKS 2-SE is available in gauges of E 32, E 36 and E 40 and with a working width of 130". The width can also be increased by 2". The yarn is fed from a 2x32" frame, which is also available as a 2x40" version. A 34 AE batching unit is available as standard. If required, the machine can also be equipped with a no. 29 batching unit. Further technical details can be obtained from the QR Code for this product.

Market launch

The HKS 2-SE was officially available on the market from the middle of May 2013, and can be delivered from September 2013 onwards.

This new, high-speed, two-bar tricot machine was presented to the wider public at the ShanghaiTex trade fair, which was held in June of this year. During the fair, this high-speed tricot machine was producing a two-way-stretch fabric in a gauge of E 36 for use in swimwear and sportswear. Its full performance potential was therefore on show, which generated a great deal of interest.

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Karl Mayer Knitting Machine HKS 2-Se Sets New Speed Record
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