Trade Resources Industry Views China-Based MLS to Wage LED Lighting Price War

China-Based MLS to Wage LED Lighting Price War

China-based LED packaging house MLS has set up a Taiwan subsidiary in a bid to launch LED light tubes and bulbs in the Taiwan market at retail prices 30% lower than market levels in 2015, according to the company.

MLS plans to expand its monthly LED packaging capacity from over 20 billion chips currently to 30-40 billion units in 2015, aiming to become the global largest packager.

For LED lighting, MLS has monthly production capacity of 6.3 million LED light tubes currently, one of the world's three largest makers, and plans to expand the capacity to eight million units in 2015. In addition, MLS will expand monthly production capacity for LED light bulbs from nine million units at present to 15 million units in 2015.

In the China market, MLS, NVC Lighting Technology and Foshan Lighting are the three largest LED lighting vendors.

For the Taiwan market, MLS said it plans to launch T8 LED light tubes at below NT$200 (US$6.5) and T8 models with Taiwan's CNS certification at NT$300.

Taiwan-based Epistar is the largest supplier of LED chips for MLS, with MLS accounting for almost half of Epistar's production capacity in China.

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Taiwan Market: China-Based MLS to Wage LED Lighting Price War
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