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The Need for Controlled Fluid Fluid Pressure Has Been Crucial in Many Industry Application

The need for controlled fluid fluid pressure has been crucial in many industry applications. This could be seen in the increased demand for fluid control systems in the infrastructure market. So a wide range of industrial pumps are manufactured and supplied to industries.

Among the huge lot, dosing and metering pumps make a highly demanded range. These are effective pumps technologies to provide flow accuracy in numerous engineering, manufacturing and maritime based applications. Printed circuit board controlled and solenoid driven metering pumps finds extensive usage in industries. These products with a single moving solenoid armature and no rotating parts are ideal for handling any chemical, solvent and water in industry.

Hence this specific range is widely recommended for chemical, petrochemical, power thermal, food, breweries and many other industry sectors. The innovative product design with double ball check valves and reinforced PTFE diaphragm makes suitable chemical dosing technique. This specific design is offered for power supply of both 110V or 230V. This easy to install, use and maintenance free product is a valuable asset for any industry of today.

Also, the chlorine dosing pump is a widely used pump across the sectors. Available in B series, the compact design product is the most obvious choice for water treatment processes. Use of chlorine makes the products different from its counterpart. This specific chemical - chlorine is clinically tested and found good for eliminating all impurities and disease causing bacteria present in water. For this particular reason, this potential chemical pump is suggested for municipal plants as well as waste water treatment plants.

This superior technology product is used for supplying portable drinking water in buildings. These products are being consistently developed to offer more reliable and durable dosing results to the users. Numerous supply companies in India and worldwide are engaged in supplying high quality chlorine dosing pump from reputed companies in industry to customers at highly competitive prices. Customers can view all of the products and order them in different specifications that best suit their application requirement in industry.

Most options given online are authentic and offer full value for your money. The other products offered along with them include motorized, miniature and hydraulic pumps. While many companies provide high standard Takasago products to customers at affordable prices. These products mainly consists of environmental measuring instruments, laboratory instruments, biological research support instruments semiconductor processing machines, control devices and diagnostic & blood analyzers. All the products are suitable for varied analysis samples, solvents and chemicals.

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