Trade Resources Industry Views Quadpack Provides Bespoke Packaging for Skeyndor's New Skincare Range

Quadpack Provides Bespoke Packaging for Skeyndor's New Skincare Range

Quadpack has delivered a customized packaging for beauty brand Skeyndor’s newly launched anti-ageing range ‘Timeless Prodigy’.

The Spain-based cosmetic packaging company has manufactured and developed a bespoke jar for the brand’s cream product. The jar was manufactured at Quadpack Plastics, the company’s injection-moulding facility located near Barcelona.

Made from acrylic, the jar has been designed to hold 50ml of the cream and has an extra thick base.

Quadpack has given a colour varnish coating on the underside of the jar to give a warm pink glow to the pack to avoid making it look transparent.

The inner jar has been made of compatible polypropylene while its outer wall is metallised and can be seen through the outer jar.

According to Quadpack, the cap which is made of five parts is covered in matt aluminium with interior weight.

It comes with a glittery metal plaque attached to the top, the debossed brand logo in the center to go along with eight embossed studs.

For the serum product of the ‘Timeless Prodigy’ range, Quadpack has designed a 50ml Yonwoo airless pack which shields the formula from getting contaminated with external elements.

The serum pack comes with a customized cap that is weighted and sheathed in aluminium, and has similar decorative treatment as the jar.

Quadpack says that it has also designed the 5ml sample sizes of the products which match the look and feel of the regular 50ml jar and 50ml pack.

The company, in a statement, said: “Skeyndor was closely involved in the production process throughout the project's development stage.

“It worked together with Quadpack's packaging experts to achieve the desired results, which were, quite simply, stunning – as befits the brand's 50-year milestone!”

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