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Microsoft Reveals Prototype Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft Research is developing augmented reality glasses that will offer vision correction, among other features.

When Microsoft announced HoloLens in 2015, it committed itself to pushing AR into the mainstream.

Now, the company has shared details of the glasses they are testing, which are designed to offer high-quality holograms that shake off some of the negative connotations currently associated with augmented reality technology.

The device in development provides a 80-degree field of view horizontally, and uses near-eye displays to overlay reality with high contrast, high resolution and full colour digital holograms.

The most interesting detail about this research project is the fact that the device can also provide vision correction for people who are long and short sighted, as well as correcting conditions like astigmatism.

The only 'problem' with the project that was shown off was the fact that the glasses are currently powered by an external processor, but then again, it's likely that Microsoft is focussing on developing the AR technologies involved here – not building an actual product.

Other big companies understood to be working on AR offerings include Apple and Facebook, so it could be only a matter of time before you can add things like real-time filters to a more premium Snapchat Spectacles rival.

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