Trade Resources Industry Views Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Brand Unveils 2016 Color Trends at Menards Stores

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Brand Unveils 2016 Color Trends at Menards Stores

The PITTSBURGH PAINTS & STAINS brand has introduced the top color trends for 2016, including the brand’s color of the year, Holly Glen (MEN7009-4). Forecasted to be prominent in home decor in 2016, Holly Glen is reminiscent of the soothing tones of sea glass and can be paired either with cool-tone blues and beiges or with zesty, playful oranges.

“We chose a subtle, gorgeous green, Holly Glen, as the Pittsburgh Paints & Stains brand’s color of the year because it captures the cautiously optimistic feeling we have in our fast-changing world,” said Misty Yeomans, color marketing manager, Pittsburgh Paints & Stains brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “With technological advances and media touching our lives daily in so many ways, Holly Glen enables you to create a soothing, natural environment in which to retreat.”

The brand also announced three signature color palettes projected to have major presence in home decor in 2016. Each palette features four trending colors from the Pittsburgh Paints & Stains brand that serve as suggestions for all of the design elements in a space, including window treatments, decor, flooring and more. The palettes include:

Vibrant – For the energetic, lively and bold color lover, this palette reflects a feeling of youthfulness and originality through the colors Holly Glen, Delicate White (MEN7065-1), American Anthem (MEN7028-4) and Orange Poppy (MEN7106-3). The vivid orange hue works harmoniously with soft blues and white to create a modern and bright space. PPG’s color experts recommend painting a bright, unexpected accent wall paired with clean white or stark black to create balance in your home. Organic – Paired well with hand-crafted woodwork and country-chic décor, the rich, earth-like tones in this palette give a warm and cozy feel. The colors My Alibi (MEN7105-2), Pizza Pie (MEN7078-5), Sunstone (MEN7078-4) and Timber Beam (MEN7123-5) make ideal choices for those drawn to a sophisticated and rustic atmosphere. Any one of these stucco-like tones has the capability to bring warmth to a kitchen, family room or foyer.     Comforting – Clean, soothing and quiet colors in the Comforting palette provide a contemporary feel to any space. Creams, tans and a hint of cool blue, including Delicate White (MEN7065-1), My Alibi (MEN7105-2), Lost At Sea (MEN7040-4) and Hot Stone (MEN7135-4), work in harmony to create a relaxing, spa-like neutral palette. All things delicate and soft pair well with these colors, such as buttery-soft leather, beachy driftwood and cloudy translucent accents.

The Pittsburgh Paints & Stains brand’s 2016 trend palettes, along with a complete palette of more than 1,000 colors, are available at MENARDS® store locations across the Midwest region in all interior and exterior Pittsburgh Paints & Stains paint product lines, including GRAND DISTINCTION, Ultra, LUCITE and WEATHERSCREEN paints.

Homeowners are encouraged to try the 2016 trend palette colors through the Pittsburgh Paints & Stains brand’s Digital Inspiration Studio, a new interactive color center at Menards retail locations. The new retail palette display features an interactive 42-inch digital touchscreen and serves as a comprehensive inspiration station to simplify the process of selecting paint colors.  

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