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Tell Donald Trump to Delete His Twitter Account with This New App

A new craze is sweeping Twitter and, thanks to a new bot, it's now easier than ever to troll the world’s most infamous troll by demanding Donald Trump delete his account.

Last week, a post from election rival Hillary Clinton’s account instructed the reality TV star turned would-be President to “delete your account.”

After hundreds of folks flooded Trumps mentions with the same instructions, Twitter user @MannyNotFound aka Manny 404 created a tool that’ll do it automatically.

Once installed, it’ll automatically send Trump a “delete your account” reply every time he tweets (via The Next Web).

The developer posted the app on GitHub and is offering it to “node savvy” users.

While bots have undoubtedly been one of the biggest tech stories of 2016, this may be the most noble cause yet.

Perhaps if everyone does it, he’ll finally take notice and stop embarrassing himself, his country and the human race every day? We can but hope.

This isn't the first recent means of using tech to get back at Trump. Just last week the developers of the popular Surgeon Simulator game added a means of performing heart surgery on the Republican candidate to give him a 'heart of gold.'

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