Trade Resources Industry Views Dong Mingzhu Sharp Response Silver Long Acquisition Failure: Shareholders Against, Because He Is Short-Sighted

Dong Mingzhu Sharp Response Silver Long Acquisition Failure: Shareholders Against, Because He Is Short-Sighted

When it comes to the acquisition of silver long event, Dong Mingzhu said, silver long technology in China and the world is the most advanced, (shareholders) why oppose it? Because he was short-sighted, a third, the acquisition is successful, I could work harder, not less do I acquire success. (but) we must make new energy vehicles!"

Dong Mingzhu Sharp Response Silver Long Acquisition Failure: Shareholders Against, Because He Is Short-Sighted

The following is her speech excerpts:

I would like to speak from the micro, China really go to the world, to achieve a breakthrough, the only thing can not leave is the good faith. China's development can not be separated from the real economy, if left the real economy, only with a financial leverage to engage in the economy is not enough.

Our acquisition of Yin lung was opposed to the shareholders, the second is my resignation, the third is the most recent attention of the barbarians to knock on the door". I'm very happy in this process, my phone is all kinds of people and people who do not know (broke), that we are concerned about how the economy would be China.

Let the world fall in love with the Chinese made, by what? GREE air conditioning. When the king was talking, I wanted to applaud. Wang the total of all the premises, all the buildings, are used by GREE air conditioning.

Today, entrepreneurs need to re positioning and thinking, not only to consider the sales targets, profit indicators, the more important indicator is the community. What have we brought to society? Social responsibility is now placed in the first place. Our value is to create a better life for human beings, we should focus on the human health of environmental resources to think about. In the past that the production of air-conditioning, able to cool down very well. Now to the environment, resources to think.

I asked our technical staff can do a new energy to achieve the operation of air conditioning? Then spent two years, we succeeded, that is, photovoltaic air conditioning. This means we use technology to win the world. Two years we have won 500 in the world.

China's low quality and low quality in the past, although it has improved, but also need to progress. We can't profit from cheating. As an enterprise, to become a creator.

Air conditioning has 120 years of history, GREE only 30 years of history, then you will always be a child? No GREE adhere to the road of independent innovation, both from the talent, technology, all are their own research.

We recently in a quality system management mode, to make it into an international standard. GREE air conditioning is often being, and digging technology, this is my pride of place, that we are leading the people.

What do consumers want most? The first is the energy saving does not damage the environment, the second is comfortable. To address the future of the business plan, I think the integrity is always the first, the second is to create.

GREE electric appliances, as always, take the road of independent innovation, diversified road. Someone told me, to professional, not multiple. I don't agree. I think we should focus.

GREE phones did not fail, and now mobile phones often have to change, because the quality is not good, GREE to build a reliable quality of the phone.

Who will benefit us in the end? I think every entrepreneur is a combination of the state and the country. China is strong, but the road is still a long way to go, we are more to imitate, not lead, creative. Core technology can change the world, but people can eventually master the science and technology, change the world. Although we did not acquire success, but we must make new energy vehicles. This is my dream, but also our future business solutions.

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