Trade Resources Industry Views Tetra Pak Invests €30m in Denton Factory Upgrade

Tetra Pak Invests €30m in Denton Factory Upgrade

Tetra Pak has invested €30m in upgrading the Packaging Material Converting Factory in Denton, US, to meet the needs of the US and Canadian markets.

As part of the upgrade, a new laminator has been installed at the plant, which will enable the company to offer a wider range of packaging formats.

The new equipment will deliver additional flexibility, higher operational speed and top quality outputs.

The upgrade will also facilitate Tetra Pak to shift part of the production from Mexico to Denton, besides offering several benefits to customers, including improved service, reduced lead times and other logistical efficiencies.

The company will take up renovation at the facility to create additional space for the larger equipment. The new equipment is expected to begin full production by the end of 2018.

At the Denton factory, paperboard is printed, and layers of base materials such as paperboard, aluminum and polyethylene are converted into rolls of aseptic packaging material.

The facility will use the new laminator to apply polyethylene layers, laminating together printed material and aluminum as part of this process.

Tetra Pak US and Canada president and CEO Carmen Becker said: “Tetra Pak is pleased to make these upgrades, which will position our Denton factory as one of the most advanced in our global operations. This new technology will allow us to produce an expanded portfolio of packages out of this facility and better serve our customers.”

City of Denton’s director of economic development Caroline Booth said: “Denton is proud to be home to Tetra Pak’s North American headquarters, and is excited about the coming expansion of its packaging capabilities at the Denton plant.”

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