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a New Online Supply Store for Drill Accessories, Cutting Tools and Drill Bits

A new online supply store for drill accessories, cutting tools and drill bits is recently being launched with amazing discounts on all its products

The company that started this store is one of the premium drill suppliers in New York that offers a huge variety of drills & bits, machine tool supplier, dies, end mills, reamers, calipers, carbide burrs. This is a huge occasion for the company that turned 15 just 5 months back.

Now this company has launched its new website to reach a wider customer base. All the products listed at the website are offered on attractive discounts with free shipping all over $50 U.S order. This website is packed with thousands of products for both residential and commercial use. It basically specializes in cutting tool like Drill Bits, Reamers, Annular Cutters, Hole saws, Taps, and Dies.

There are two goals that this is started with, quality and exemplary customer service. They boast of an experienced staff with 20 years of experience behind them. As regards to customer service, they undoubtedly strive to offer the best. Rest assured of the fact, there will be no hassle on Returns/Exchanges in case you are not satisfied with the end product. There are various shipping options that will easily fit into your budget. They also give the assurance that in case you find something cheaper, they will so their best to offer a great bargain. They also give a 30 days money back guarantee.

Let's have a look at their incredible product line:

Abrasives- They offer around 48 kinds of weilers, 10 flexovits, 36 handy rolls, and 14 cut-of wheels.

Aircraft Taper Routers-4 Steel Aircraft Taper Routers are especially designed for using it in routing or clearance cutting. These high speed routers are furnished with a right hand cut and right hand helix.

Annular Cutters- The website provides 42 Hougen Rotabroach, 21kinds of 3 inch HSS Annular Cutters, 27 sorts of 2 inch Annular Cutters, 1 inch Annular Cutters.

Black and Gold Bits-A great pick, these serve like a cobalt bit at a much lower price range. You can choose amongst 118 Jobber Drills, 24 Mechanics Length Drills and 12 Sets.

Calipers-2 Vernier Calipers, 3 Digital Calipers, and 2 Dial Calipers.

Carbide Burns-80 Miniature Carbide Burrs, 125 Double Cut Carbide Burrs, and 20 Carbide Burrs for Aluminum

Counterbores- Counterboring is the process of enlarging a portion of a hole, formed previously. Counterbores are formed with 2 piece construction with counterbore –cutter and integral shank. There are 40 Taper Shank Counterbores, 78 Straight Shank Counterbores, 14 Solid Counterbores, 113 Pilot Counterbores, 14 Capscrew Counterbores and 26 Aircraft 1/4 Shank Counterbores.

Countersinks- There are 20 Weldon Countersinks, 95 Threaded Shank Countersinks, 65 Single Flute Countersinks, 45 kinds of 3 Flute Countersinks, 68 types of 6 Flute Countersinks and 18 types of 4 Flute countersinks.

Cutters and Saws- There is a huge variety of cutters and saws.

Deburring Tools- There are many deburring hand tools that makes faster, economical and more efficient solution for burr removal.

Dies- There are 7 Dies Stock, 35 Square Dies, 419 Hex Dies and 709 Round Dies.

Drill Bits- There is a huge collection of drill bits.

End Mills- You can find numerous end mills here.

Files-Various files are also available.

Heli-Coil Kits- There is 1 set available, Heli-Coil Kit, Metric size and Heli-Coil Kit, Fraction size.

Hilti- There are 2 Cordless Saws, 2 Hammer Drills, 36 Hammer SDS Max Bits, and 21 Hammer SDS Plus Bits.

Surely, you don't want to miss out on these accessories of premium quality material with long lasting efficiency. Definitely, worth all your time and effort!

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Launch of Online Store for Drill Accessories
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