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Here's How Apple TV Will Fulfil Promise to Change How We Watch TV

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Apple has announced some very significant updates for the Apple TV which will finally help the device to fulfil its long-overdue potential.

At its Special Event on Thursday, the company announced a new TV app, which offers a “Unified TV experience” and a single location for all of your favorite content.

The app's highlight is a Watch Now section listing shows and movies currently being enjoyed by the user on various apps like iTunes, HBO and Showtime.

If you’re half way though a movie, you can pick right up by hitting play. If you’re bingeing on a show on Showtime, you can access the next episode.

Meanwhile, if you’re watching a current show on an on-demand app, the newest episode will show up in Watch Now as soon as it’s available.

Beyond what you're watching there's also curated selections from the apps you currently have installed on the device.

There’s also a Library section with all iTunes purchases and rentals, while the Store makes it easy to add new apps like Hulu and Starz.

The new single sign-in functionality will make it easy for users to access content through their cable providers, while standalone subscription apps like HBO Now can be purchased through iTunes.

There’ll also be companion iPhone and iPad apps that will sync everything Siri also knows which episodes you’re watching and will allow you to pick up where you left off.

Speaking of the personal assistant, she also enables a brand new Live section that enables customers to access live content.

An on-stage demonstration showed how users can access live news broadcasts from CBS News and then swipe-up to access on-demand stories.

This works even better for live sports. Users can say “Watch the Louisville game” and go straight to live action.

If that game isn’t serving up enough entertainment, you can say “What other football games are on now,” to see a new screen showing the schedule, scores and the available games,”

The updates are rolling out free to current 4th-gen Apple TV owners from December in the United States.

Elsewhere, Twitter announced a new app that combines live video with associated tweets, while Tim Cook announced Minecraft is finally coming to the Apple TV

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