Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Superfos Designs New Container for Irish Paint Manufacturer Colourtrend

RPC Superfos Designs New Container for Irish Paint Manufacturer Colourtrend

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RPC Superfos has designed new plastic bucket for Irish paint manufacturer Colourtrend’s new decorative paint range.

The company provided new 10L injection-moulded S-range polypropylene containers for the paint manufacturer.

Colourtrend’s paint range will be available in both metal cans and plastic buckets, allowing to accommodate different packaging requirements in the market.

RPC Superfos said that it is a long-term supplier of the plastic packs to Colourtrend

Colourtrend marketing executive Wendy Shaw said: We have changed the graphic design but kept the bucket, because it is user-friendly and has a lot of positive qualities. The In-Mould labelling technique ensures a brilliant look for our products, including our new logo.

"RPC Superfos did a great job in coordinating the production of our buckets with our plans for the relaunch, and smoothly facilitated delivery with the timeline of our filling process.”

Founded 60 years back in Kildare, Colourtrend markets is collections through more than 140 retailers in Ireland and the UK.

In June, US-based global coatings manufacturer Valspar launched its premium paint in RPC Superfos’ Paintainer pails for the European DIY market.

The metallic gold container was chosen to reflect the high quality of Valspar Premium, a product with quality and ease of application for consumers.

The handle of the Paintainer is made of plastic and the pail can be opened and closed without use of any tool, helping customers to make their paint job easy.

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