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Buy to Buy Do Not Stop, in October It Is Worth Looking Forward to The New Digital Products Are Here

Next week will usher in the seven day National Day holiday, now many believe friends already want to work, learning, thinking of the party for our motherland. October is actually a very delicate month, because just experienced a new month in September, this month is relatively cold". Of course, this does not mean that the whole of October there is no bright spot, such as the following these new products will be worth everyone's attention.

Hammer T3

Hammer technology in recent days had not been so good, said the acquisition can be heard without end. But at the same time, there are still many users are looking forward to the new flagship repeatedly bouncing hammer T3, hammer feelings still have to say you recharge it in place. The latest news shows, the hammer of T3 have been identified on the evening of October 18th at 19:30 in the Shanghai Mercedes Benz cultural center officially released.

It is reported that the hammer T3 is equipped with a frequency of 2.15GHz snapdragon 820 processor, equipped with 4\/6GB+64GB of storage, and uses 8 million +1600 megapixel camera combination (main camera sensor for SONY IMX298). Equipped with an independent LT1057 chip, built-in 3200mAh battery, support Qualcomm QC 3 fast charging and full Netcom, using the USB Type-C interface, and run Smartisan OS 3 system.

Although the hammer T3 does not seem to use Xiaolong 821, but between the two in the experience gap is not actually. And other configurations are also located in the high-end, also joined the professional chip, so the hammer T3 is not actually a lot worse than Xiaolong 821 flagship. Coupled with the hammer powder were the most love of OS Smartisan, attractive or very large. At the same time before there is news that the hammer T3 will be equipped with iPhone with the round Home key, you want to not let everyone down.

Samsung C9 Galaxy

This year, Samsung has been in the market Chinese launched C5 and C7 two C series end special types, and technology is also the first time for C5 to experience evaluation. These two models in terms of price is still less than the domestic mobile phone, but compared to the previous models of the Samsung, regardless of the configuration, the system is a small breakthrough in terms of work or work. Now, Samsung is about to release a new C9 to the impact of the high-end market.

Multi message display, Samsung C9 Galaxy will be the first flagship S7 and Note 7 with 6GB running memory, although the Note 7 had also exposed the emperor version of 6GB, but ultimately did not release. In addition, C9 or 1080P will have 5.9 inches SA screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor, 64GB storage, 16 million pixel front + rear 16 million pixel camera combination, and run Android 6.0.1 system. The aircraft is expected to be officially released in October.

Although there is not much information about this new machine, but according to the previous C series models, the author probably can be speculated that the starting price of the machine or 2999 yuan. In addition, the C series flagship product, U original red assistant functions should also be retained. As a result of this epoch-making is equipped with a 6GB RAM and a 16 million pixel front camera, self timer and memory may also will become a new selling point.

Overall, the Samsung C9 is more suitable for users who prefer the large memory of the user, of course, the self timer will also like this new machine. The most critical is that the machine is currently the highest C series configuration, and therefore, compared to the other two C series to meet the needs of users in the use of moderate to heavy. Taking into account the C5 Galaxy and C7 good market performance, the introduction of C9 should be able to receive a good effect.

360 N4A

Now the domestic mobile phone price camp, millet, Meizu and other traditional Internet Co have utterly routed this area, has become the 360 and two LETV price butcher for battlefield. In the year 360 moves frequently, not only segments F (Shu Shi), N (carefree), Q (Science and Technology) three series, also for the launch of the F4, N4, N4S, Q5, Q5, Plus and other variety of new machines, dazzling.

Now, 360 and then to launch a new machine to make you more difficult to choose. Before the 360 release poster confirmation will be officially released in October 13th, the new machine N4A, the slogan is "see gold". Currently not informed of the specific product configuration, there is media speculation that the machine will be based on 360 N4 configuration upgrade and change, and "see gold" means it may be similar to the red joined assistant function. It is reported that the aircraft price is not an accident should be located thousands of yuan level.

Compared to the above two models, the 360 N4A in line with budget constraints, or advocating cost-effective consumer. 360 in N4 has been to pull the X20 Helio 899 yuan (operator version), want to N4A price should not be good. However, this product is more suitable for the use of mobile phone users is more suitable as a backup machine, the main machine may still be far from enough.

Bolt HTC

In addition to Google foundry two new prince, it seems that HTC also intends to take the double flagship line. Recently, broke the great God evleaks released a new flagship HTC Bolt renderings, there is news that the aircraft will be released in October 14th. As HTC 10 sales are not satisfactory, the election at this time to push the new machine, the total so that I can smell the taste of a hurry to save the field.

From the exposure of the picture, the machine overall and HTC 10 in the appearance of the gap is not, the back is still using a super wide diamond cutting edge. The difference is that the machine's flash is transferred to the camera above the laser focus module is canceled, while the card slot position also has a mobile. But the biggest change is that the machine seems to have removed the top of the 3.5mm headset interface.

I estimate that the machine configuration and Pixel series of new machines may be flat, but the price may not be cheap. At present, the main bright spot in the HTC flagship camera, HTC 10 front camera adds optical image stabilization, it is possible to obtain a more stable self effect; and the main camera is using the latest UltraPixel technology, improved effect. So if the user can take pictures of people can look forward to this new flagship.

Google Pixel \/ XL Pixel

Every year, Google wants to send a new machine, it is the turn of the world's Android fans began to carnival. As the status in their own camp is equivalent to Apple's iPhone flagship model, which brings the moment the most high-end hardware, the fastest upgrade of the original system and other highlights. This year is particularly different is that Google officially abandoned the Nexus sub brand, Google brand to strengthen, the new machine will be named Pixel.

Google Pixel series of new machines this year can be said to be paid special attention, it has always been low-key technology giants start to brainwashing marketing is no mercy. Recently, Google October 4th new conference all kinds of advertising has been unveiled in the streets of New York, creative and full of sense of technology. This not only said that Google Pixel new machine will be a new beginning its own flagship, also on behalf of this model in Google's eyes, very heavy, is worth the big publicity of a device.

And on these two products, before Lei technology has also been carried out a number of exposure. It is reported that two new machines will have 5 inches and 5.5 inches 1080P screen, are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, equipped with 4GB+32GB memory, 8 million pixels +1300 megapixel camera combination, the world's first equipped with Android 7.1 system (UI or changed), and will provide the U.S. version of the international version of the two versions, by HTC oem.

Overall, Google Pixel series of new machine is very suitable for love Android native users of the system, the primary system has a lightweight, low memory system, push speed, play the advantages, though it may not support memory card expansion, but on the whole still xiabuyanyu, plus the HTC foundry, work security. If you like to make machines, Google Pixel will be the first choice for you to consider.

In addition to the new Pixel machine, Google will also release these new

In October 4th of the new conference, Google in addition to the introduction of Pixel series of new machines, there may also be new intelligent hardware to launch.

1, Wi-Fi router

At present, there is news that Google will launch a Wi-Fi router at the conference, to succeed the OnHub router. According to foreign media, said Google's new Wi-Fi router appearance compact, support for a variety of intelligent functions, more than one together can be composed of Mesh network, and its price is about $129 (about 860 yuan). Before applying to many elements of OnHub, such as the built-in antenna design, as well as its support to solve the problem, including the WiFi connection speed is slow, long time video buffer, the network will be dropped It is without rhyme or reason. etc..

2, the final version of the Google Chromecast \/ Ultra Home

In addition, the company also has the potential to be introduced at the end of this year's I\/O conference debut of the Google Home speakers, as well as Ultra Chromecast receiver device. The final version of the Google Home smart speaker, perhaps will be equipped with a custom base. And the price is also $129 (about 860 yuan). As for the function of Ultra Chromecast is mainly to the electronic devices on the streaming media wireless transmission to the TV, the product is mainly played the role of the receiver, the price of $89 (about 460 yuan).

3, the operation of the integration of Chrome and Android system of notebook computer

The latest news shows that Google may plan to its two operating system OS Chrome and Android integration. After the fusion of the system name or Andromeda, code named Bison. It is reported that the system is equipped with the notebook is also expected to debut at the conference, the official name of the notebook or Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 or will be equipped with 12.3 inches display, fingerprint sensor and dual USB-C interface, and support for tablet mode and touch pen. The product is or will be divided into 8GB and 16GB double memory version, battery life up to 10 hours, and the thickness is less than 1cm, is expected to price $799 (about 5327 yuan), the price of Vive and HTC.

In addition to these new products, before the release of the HUAWEI Nova national version will be officially unveiled on the IFA in October 6th, HUAWEI seems to have been in the phase of the EXO Chinese members Zhang Yixing for its spokesperson. In addition, the long rumored millet Note 2 is also expected to be released at the end of October, and just released the millet 5S different, millet Note 2 will be the main color value + performance, will be equipped with a long time of the double curved screen, it is worth looking forward to.

All in all, October is worth looking forward to the product is still a lot of. It seems that small partners after the end of the National Day vacation, you can start to buy a happy buy. Of course, if you expect the product is not released this month, it is still waiting for some time.

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