Trade Resources Industry Views Stephen Colbert Mercilessly Mocks Apple's $300 Coffee-Table Book

Stephen Colbert Mercilessly Mocks Apple's $300 Coffee-Table Book

Apple's timing isn't always perfect.

As much of the world is in turmoil and Apple's latest computer isn't universally adored, the company released something that surely no one was begging for: a $300 coffee-table book full of pictures of iPhones and other Apple products.

It was inevitable that there would be laughter.

On Stephen Colbert's "Late Show," several alleged Apple designers explained how wonderful this book is.

This book, one says, represents innovation. There was the iBook, the MacBook and then, well, the Apple Book.

According to fictional lead designer Piers Björnborg, Apple has taken the latest and most innovative technology from the year 1440 to bring its fanpersons such a glorious invention.

This book features TouchPage Technology. You touch the page and swipe your finger and the page turns.

This is surely both magical and revolutionary. It's also intuitive, as another designer explains; the pages are actually sequential.

"60 is followed by 61," he says.

This coffee-table book is so extraordinary that you can even kill spiders with it. Naturally, the video demonstrates this.

I would add my own observation. If you have a coffee table that's white, the book will be invisible while sitting on it. How cool is that?

I cannot confirm that Apple will be selling framed reprints from the book, ready to be hung on your living room wall, for $5,000 each.

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