Trade Resources Industry Views China's Nanjing Ziquan Installs Second Sidel Hot Fill PET Line

China's Nanjing Ziquan Installs Second Sidel Hot Fill PET Line

Chinese co-packer Nanjing Ziquan has installed second Sidel complete hot fill PET line at the Nanjing facility.

Nanjing Ziquan, a member of The Shanghai Ziquan Beverage Company, produces PET bottle products for major brands such as Danone, Coca-Cola and others to distribute in Greater China.

China's Nanjing Ziquan Installs Second Sidel Hot Fill PET Line

The new hot fill PET line, which runs at a speed of 36,000 bottles per hour (bph), is the third hot fill line and second Sidel’s line at the Nanjing plant.

In 2013, Nanjing Ziquan first installed Sidel complete hotfill PET line for enhancing the production capacity to meet the growing demand in functional drinks market.

Both Sidel lines feature the firm’s SBO heat resistant blower with 20 blowing stations, Matrix SF700 hot filler, conveyors, labeller and packer, which enables to increase the production of PET bottles.

The hotfill line can also be used to meet the production demands of different beverages such as teas, isotonics and juices.

Its electronic filling valves ensure precise filling volumes while minimising product waste. To minimize contamination, the line avoids the contact between the filling valve and the bottle neck.

Nanjing Ziquan management team said: “The earlier Sidel line had been maintaining an operating efficiency of 95%+ and has even been upgraded recently, so that its output speeds for the 600ml bottle format increased from 30,000 bottles per hour to 34,500 bottles per hour.

“As a result of the excellent and reliable performance of this first complete hot fill line, we were happy to award the project for a similar solution once again to Sidel.”

In December 2017, Sidel launched a new solution designed to help beverage producers to produce aseptically both still beverages and carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles.

The new versatile solution, known as Aseptic Combi Predis, is intended to provide high degree of production flexibility and productivity.

Image: Nanjing Ziquan has installed Sidel hot fill PET line to increase production capacity functional drink brand Mizone. Photo: courtesy of Sidel.

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