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BASF Unveils New Copolyamid for Soft Packaging Applications

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Chemical firm BASF has unveiled Ultramid Flex F38 L, a new polyamide developed for soft packaging applications.

The new partly bio-based copolyamide exhibits enhanced tear and puncture resistance on softer films.

Films made by using Ultramid Flex are said to be soft instantly after processing and without conditioning, helping in better film processing at low temperatures and low humidity.

Designed to support sustainable packaging solutions, the new Ultramid Flex F38 L has 15 times more CO2 and O2 permeability compared to conventional polyamide.

With more changed barrier properties, the Ultramid Flex F can be used for cheese ripening bags.

Ultramid Flex F, which is also suitable to produce soft vacuum and shrink bags, allows for conventional stretching ratios in deep-drawing processes without any stress whitening.

The new polyamide can also be used for a range of technical films, in addition to applications in the food industry.

Ultramid Flex F38 L’s higher melt stability results in enhanced bubble stability and blow-up ratio, enabling to optimize the entire film structure.

According to the company, a quarter of the raw material used for the monomer is sourced from regionally-grown rapeseed oil.

BASF will exhibit a range of packaging products at this year’s Interpack event in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event will take place from 4 to 10 May.

The company produces quality polyamides and polyamide intermediates, which can used in engineering plastics, film, fiber and monofilament applications.

Some of its products include Ultramid B (polyamide 6), Ultramid C (polyamide 6/6.6 copolymer) and Ultramid A (polyamide 6.6).

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