Trade Resources Industry Views RAP Develops New MA Carton Food Tray for Poultry Meat Producer Moy Park

RAP Develops New MA Carton Food Tray for Poultry Meat Producer Moy Park

UK-based food-to-go packaging manufacturer RAP has developed a new modified atmosphere (MA) carton food tray for Moy Park, a poultry meat producer in England and Northern Ireland.

The new RapTray, which is claimed to be the world’s first MA, reduces plastic use by 85% and offers an alternative to full plastic RAP trays.

Developed in cooperation with Proseal engineering inline GT Series, the MA RapTray is suitable for a wide range of chilled meals and salads.

RAP said that MA RapTray is the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray designed to eliminate virtually all oxygen from inside in a bid to extend product shelf life and maintain food freshness in the tray.

The tray is developed using lightweight board and laminate film, thus making it 20% lighter than standard equivalents. 

RAP CEO Graham Williams said: “Our partnership with Moy Park has enabled us to make a huge impact in the food packaging industry by introducing the sector’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray.

“In addition, it is part of our ‘Removing Avoidable Plastics’ movement, which responds directly to the global plastic pollution problem, as it has 85% less plastic that other alternatives available in the market.”

Chicken processor, Moy Park will use the RAP’s MA RapTray to pack its “Lightly Dusted Chicken Mini Fillets” and “Oat + Seed Mini Chicken Fillets”.

RAP founder Julian Money said: “The plastic waste phenomenon is something that today’s food manufacturing businesses cannot afford to ignore, and we’re actively working to reduce the amount of plastic that enters supply chains.

“We see this activity as something that will make a lasting, positive impact for our environments and future generations. It’s an exciting time at RAP.”

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