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Millet Two New Products Will Be on Sale The Same Day to Double 12, Millet TV Price

Millet last month 22 released a called "millet home theater" products, this product can be understood as millet separate television host + two surround speakers + overweight subwoofer combination, which supports all HDMI input with TV, projectors and other equipment use.

Millet home theater built all millet TV, support the market mainstream video platform, and using the PatchWall AI system, with 24 hours of uninterrupted MI Brain (millet brain) deep learning technology, content can be based on different types of user's precise identification and recommendation.

Looking forward to this product partners pay attention now, it will be on sale in December 12th 10 in the morning, and in the mall millet, millet home, Tmall mall, mall Jingdong four platforms simultaneously available, priced at 1999 yuan, if you want to upgrade home smart TV configuration and improve listening experience, this product is worth considering.

In addition to millet home theater, millet was released along with the network audio and will also double in 12 at 10 in the morning on sale, this is a multifunctional home audio products, including online CD, network radio, children's story machine, Bluetooth speakers and other products in one, the sale price of 399 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the 12 day of the double, millet mall has a lot of benefits. Some time ago, Xiao Lei (WeChat ID; leitech) referred to the music as the TV due to supply chain issues some models will raise prices, millet immediately responded "hold" do not increase, and in the double 12 day, millet TV 60 Inch 3S price of 200 yuan, the price of 4299 yuan.

Millet TV 60 Inch 3S using LG 4K resolution LCD panel, 64 built-in eight core processor, 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM, the price after the price is still very attractive, compared to the music as television, there is no 60 inch TV, but the TV - Super TV 65 inch X65 sale price of 5299 yuan. The micro whale 65 inches TV is priced at 5698 yuan.

However, millet official only released millet TV 60 Inch 3S will reduce the price, other models did not launch the sale, apparently unable to meet the needs of more users, of course, is better than nothing, if you watch this TV, catch the opportunity to double 12.

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