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Harbin Boasts 3097 Vehicles for Sanitation

Along with its fast economic and social development in Harbin in recent years, the equipment for urban cleaning and sanitation has also witnessed impressive improvement as well. Currently, the provincial capital city of Heilongjiang boasts 3,097 units special vehicles for urban cleaning, including 692 units large- and medium-sized sanitation vehicle washing-sweeping vehicles, and 15 units multi-functional cleaning vehicles). It also has over 130 units various types of small cleaning vehicles powered by batteries.

As the winter in Harbin is long and snowy weather is not uncommon, the city is also equipped with 1,694 units vehicles for snow removal and defrosting (including 846 units rolling sweeping vehicles, 220 units snow sweeping vehicles, 357 units loading machines, 32 units snow tossing machines, 59 units ice-breaking machines, 180 units bulldozers and other small equipment). In addition, the city also has 581 units vehicles for garbage collection and transportation. 

Thanks to all its advanced vehicles for cleaning and sanitation, Harbin is now at a level between the upper stream and middle stream in terms of automation compared with other cities in China. So far, 100% of its garbage is transported within fully sealed containers. It has set up a sound network in the downtown, making sure that no garbage is left uncollected. 60% of its cleaning work is now done by mechanical equipment and 70% of its ice-breaking work and snow removal work is done by mechanical equipment.

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Harbin Boasts 3,097 Units Vehicles for Cleaning and Sanitation   
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