Trade Resources Industry Views Atlantic Packaging to Open Packaging Solution Center in North Carolina, US

Atlantic Packaging to Open Packaging Solution Center in North Carolina, US

Atlantic Packaging is inaugurating a new $10m packaging solution center in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

The solution centre, which will be opened next month, features advanced research, testing, and shipping certification for the first time in the packaging industry.

Atlantic’s 80,000ft² facility provides a multi-axis transportation simulator for unit load testing in the consumer products industry.

The multi-axis transportation system was authorized by Atlantic and manufactured by Lansmont and its team.

Atlantic claims that it is the most accurate testing equipment that simulates real-world transit conditions in the packaging industry.

It facilitates clients to test with the right combination in equipment settings; materials and automation thereby finding a qualified solution which protects their products consistently and efficiently.

Atlantic President Wes Carter said: “If one of our customers is experiencing damage in transit, we can literally re-create that specific route in our center to see where and how their products are failing.

“This allows us to create customized packaging solutions based on scientific data, virtually eliminating shipping damage and reducing overall packaging costs.”

Tye facility also has a packaging lab to test flexible materials and several fully integrated packaging lines to showcase the up-to-date information in equipment automation.

One of these lines is dedicated to e-commerce automation with the latest equipment from protective packaging manufacturers including Sealed Air, Ranpak, and 3M.

Atlantic VP for e-Commerce sales Eric Farmer said: “The real value in the solution center is that the customer can view multiple options from various manufacturers.

“They can decide which option they prefer based on cost, sustainability, and effectiveness. Then we can use the lab to verify those results.”

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