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ECPs Offer Remarkable Flexibility and Durability

For manufacturers looking for a high-performing static-dissipative additive for coatings and plastics, Milliken Chemical’s Zelec electroconductive powders (ECPs) offer remarkable flexibility and durability, the company stated. Zelec powders work in a variety of coating, packaging, fiber, and film products where the dissipation of static charge is important.

Zelec ECPs are used in numerous applications including clean rooms, dissipative coatings, electronic packaging and film, electronics components, security inks, and textiles. Milliken’s multiple Zelec ECPs can be used according to various needs since each powder is unique due to core structure and particle size. Zelec offers a number of advantages that help the additive outperform on the market:

• Color possibilities — Zelec ECPs allow applied coatings and plastics to be formulated in a wide range of colors, including white. The non-core grade ECP can also be formulated into transparent applications.

• Flexibility — Zelec ECPs work with either solvent-borne or water-borne formulations.

• Stability — Atmospheric moisture does not affect the performance of Zelec ECPs, so conductivity remains consistent regardless of humidity. The product also resists acids, bases, oxidizers, and high temperatures.

• Performance — Zelec ECPs in coatings or plastics perform well over a wide range of surface resistivity.

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Milliken Chemical's Offers Zelec Electroconductive Powders for Coatings
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