Trade Resources Industry Views Baristas Coffee Company Completed Development on Their Retail Grocery Product Line

Baristas Coffee Company Completed Development on Their Retail Grocery Product Line

US-based Baristas Coffee Company has completed development on their retail grocery product line of single serve K-Cups, a plastic container with a coffee filter inside.

Initially, the K-Cups product line is rolling out with the Baristas Espresso Roast as well as a White Coffee roast that will be the first to enter grocery store distribution.

In the K-Cup, ground coffee beans are packed and sealed air-tight with a combination of plastic and foil lid.

When placed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer punctures both the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup, forcing hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into a mug.

In addition to coffee, the K-Cup varieties also include tea, hot chocolate, iced teas and coffee, as well as fruit drinks.

The 2.0 system compatible Baristas K-Cup line, contain a high oxygen barrier and will be flushed with nitrogen during the packaging process to preserve freshness and increase shelf life.

National Coffee Association communications director Joe DeRupo said: "It's the biggest change in coffee-brewing technology since Mr. Coffee was introduced in the 1970s."

According to the company, the 12 cup retail distribution boxes will initially be distributed through online sales portals already engaged, in the Baristas retail locations and in select grocery channels across the country.

White Coffee is a slow and low heat roast that due to the roasting process is less acidic and preserves a much higher caffeine level than a traditional roast.

Baristas CEO Barry Henthorn said: "With the expansion of our distribution outside the drive-through locations the opportunity to deliver a wider array of handpicked, quality branded products to the expanding Baristas audience is a clear opportunity to expand brand recognition and increase sales through expanded verticals."

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Baristas K-Cups to Enter Grocery Store Distribution