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Sun Chemical Introduces New UV/EB Inks for Food Packaging Applications

Sun Chemical has introduced two new UV/EB inks for primary and secondary food packaging applications.

The new inks, which are compliant with current global standards, can also meet Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements.

Sun Chemical’s new SunBeam advance electron beam (EB) offset ink and SunCure advance UV ink are in line with the latest photoinitiator-safe packaging guidelines.

The new inks have been produced by using BPA-based chemical, and can be used on a variety of substrates.

Developed for high speed web folding carton and flexible packaging applications, SunBeam advance EB curable offset inks provide high transfer and better lithographic water window properties, adhesion and abrasion resistance.

Designed for food packaging applications, SunCure advance inks offer enhanced run-ability on both super high speed sheetfed and web presses.

The inks offer better UV cure response under either inter-station curing or delivery positioned lamp conditions. In addition, the inks have enhanced high transfer and good lithographic water window properties.

In September, Sun Chemical launched new range of digital coatings for the label, narrow web and packaging markets.

SunEvo digital coatings can be used in various applications such as labelling, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated printing.

The coatings can be integrated with different technological platforms, which work with multiple digital printing techniques such as electro-photography (EP), liquid electro-photography (LEP), water-based inkjet systems and energy curable (EC) inkjet systems.

Memebr of the DIC group, Sun Chemical produces printing inks, coatings, as well as supplies pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds and application materials.

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