Trade Resources Industry Views Schubert to Exhibit Packaging Machines and Robotic Solutions at Prosweets Event in Germany

Schubert to Exhibit Packaging Machines and Robotic Solutions at Prosweets Event in Germany

Schubert will exhibit a range of packaging machines and robotic solutions at this year’s ProSweets fair in Cologne, Germany.

The event will take place between 28 and 31 January 2018.

At the event, the company will exhibit its expertise in packaging confectionery and snacks in a wide selection of variants and packaging formats.

Schubert will showcase Flowmodul flow-wrapping component that is integrated into a TLM system for the confectionery sector.

The Flowmodul system, which combines robotics and image processing technology, can be used for the packaging of snacks and confectionery of all types of flowpacks.

The end-packaging process into cartons can also be linked to the primary packaging process in a single TLM packaging line.

Schubert’s flow-wrap packaging technology can be used for packaging of a range of products such as chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes and chocolate figures.

At the event, the company will also showcase a picker line with five F4 robots, which place sandwich biscuits into the Flowmodul’s product infeed system and later packs them in flowpacks

In addition, the firm will present its web-based GRIPS world platform, which includes functions for monitoring and documenting machine data through a single user interface.

The company will continuously monitor machine performance by networking the TLM machines through the platform.

Schubert produces TLM packaging machines, including TLM-F2 robot that can carry out any movements in a two-dimensional working field of 1.2 x 0.8 m.

The TLM-F3 robot has been developed for removing packaging materials from magazines, while its TLM-F4 robot picks products from a continuously running product belt and groups them in a box, tray or transmodule.

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