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Unity Opto Adjusting LED Lighting Product Mix

LED packaging service provider Unity Opto Technology is decreasing production for light bulbs and increasing that for more profitable lamps, with the proportion of lighting revenues for the former to slip to 20% and the latter to rise to 70-80%, according to company chairman Wu Ching-huei.

Unity Opto has begun to ship value-added smart LED lamps; nanometer health lamps featuring use of visible light to activate chemical substances for disinfection and deodorization; and FSL (full spectrum LED) lamps of which light is similar to sunlight. For the Europe market, Unity Opto has obtained licensed use of Toshiba brand to sell LED lamps, with such sales accounting for about 30% of its total lighting sales revenues.

For LED backlighting, Unity Opto focuses on notebook and TV applications, with Dell and HP being major clients for notebook LED backlighting.

Unity Opto currently ships packaged devices containing 20 million infrared LED chips in total a month, with such devices mainly used in smartphones, tablets and notebooks, and expects to ship infrared LED devices for fingerprint sensors beginning 2018.

Unity Opto has posted consolidated revenues of NT$8.033 billion (US$253 million), gross margin of 19.40%, net operating loss of NT$155.7 million, net loss of NT$452.8 million and net loss per share of NT$1.41 for 2016.

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