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UK Packaging Firm RPC Invests in New Liquid Polymer Printer

UK based packaging company RPC Group has £220,000 in a new liquid polymer printer.

The new Connex 3 Objet 500 liquid polymer printer is capable of printing items, including a container with a label, in up to 5 litres in size and with a 0.8mm wall.

It supports in the early creation of physical designs for assessment and additional adjustments.

Additionally, the printer is also claimed to be capable of printing prototype tooling for blow moulding, vacuum forming and injection moulding. Through this, the relevant polymer will have a series of packs for compatibility and line testing.

RPC Design manager Brian Lodge said: “Speed-to-market is a vital factor in any design project.

“Our 3D printer means creative concepts can very quickly be turned into physical items, allowing important decisions to be taken earlier in order to move the project to the next stage. This greatly speeds up the process of successfully getting the pack into production and on-shelf.”

Apart from the Connex 3 Objet 500 installation, RPC Design has also set up a Faro 3D scanning arm for measuring existing packs and in data conversion into a CAD file accurately. The scanning arm installation would allow adjustments and improvements to an existing design to be carried out more easily as per the packaging company.

RPC Group, which has manufacturing facilities across UK, Europe and North America, had acquired a packaging company British Polythene Industries for nearly £261m ($379m) in August.

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