Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Superfos Designs Customized Pots for Delimax Food Products

RPC Superfos Designs Customized Pots for Delimax Food Products

Danish packaging company RPC Superfos has manufactured a customized pot for Czech food company Delimax.

The pot made for the Czech firm’s Varmuza salad and delicatessen range has been claimed to be not only attractive but also connecting with customers.

RPC Superfos said that it has provided a solution for the food product range which is eye-catching and convenient at the same.

To let customers find out more about the premium products and the company, RPC Superfos has incorporated a QR-code on the side on the pot.

By scanning the QR code by smartphones, consumers can get details about the product range, history and ingredients used by Delimax.

RPC Superfos said that the In-Mould Labelling technique was used to ensure that each variety posed an attractive family image.

RPC Superfos revealed that an important feature of the new pot is its robust, snap-on lid that is consumer-friendly. The lid with an indent is claimed to provide convenience and distinctive character to the pack.

Petr Grabec of Delimax said: “We know that our customers appreciate everyday convenience, and this is exactly what our new pack offers them.

“Moreover, we strive to strengthen our relations with our customers through transparent communication and, from my point of view, we are successful in both fields through our new pack from RPC Superfos.”

The Czech food producer’s Varmuza range is on retail shelves in two sizes of 210ml and 480ml of the RPC Superfos’ injection moulded pot.

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