Trade Resources Industry Views O-Net Launches 980nm Uncooled Pump Laser in Small-Form-Factor to-Can Package

O-Net Launches 980nm Uncooled Pump Laser in Small-Form-Factor to-Can Package

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O-Net Technologies (Group) Ltd of Shenzhen, China (which provides optical networking products for telecoms and datacoms applications) has launched a 980nm uncooled pump laser in small-form-factor TO-Can package, a high-power laser for optical amplification applications for coherent transmission modules and compact optical fiber amplifier applications.

The product is expected to aid the transition to the next generation of small-form-factor compact erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), which can be incorporated inside CFP2 ACO/DCO modules. With the launch of the new product, O-Net will begin the qualification process with various major customers, and mass production of the TO pump is expected to start in first-quarter 2018.

As it continues to expand from its origin as a supplier of optical networking products, O-Net says that, in view of the strong demand for coherent transmission products to support rising bandwidth demand for data-center interconnect and metro networks, it is leveraging its TO-Can packaging technology together with the design and manufacturing capability of France-based 3SP Technologies (formerly 3S Photonics, before it was acquired in 2014 by Advance Photonics Investments Ltd and O-Net Communications (Group) Ltd) in order to develop pump laser technology. The new TO pump is derived from a 980nm uncooled pump laser platform for optical amplification that significantly reduces product size and enables operation in confined physical environments.

“The launch of the TO pump is a testament to our ability to develop the next generation of optical networking products for the data-center interconnect market,” says chairman & CEO Austin Na. “We expect both passive and active optical networking products will continue to present numerous opportunities,” he adds. “With a strong global R&D and manufacturing presence, we will continue to expand our portfolio of high-growth new products in a bid to enlarge the group’s market share and create synergies for our businesses.”

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