Trade Resources Industry Views Lithells Chooses Schur Star Bags for Barbeque Sausages

Lithells Chooses Schur Star Bags for Barbeque Sausages

Sweden’s sausage expert, the Lithells brand, is introducing a line of barbeque sausages in a new packaging solution from SchurStar Systems.

Schur Star said its packaging solutions can help Lithells’ brand can stand out on the shelf and receive quality attention from consumers in a competitive market.

The new packaging solution will include four products under the Schur Star Stand-up bags, which have been flexo-printed with special paper-feel varnish, that claims to provide a rustic paper bag effect.

The print on the bag includes fire and charcoal indicating that the product is for barbeque. The bags have a transparent window, allowing consumers to see the contents of the package. This new format, according to the company can provide the right kind of exposure to the product on the shelf and attract customers.

The new packaging design includes carrier handle that helps customers to carry the product home or directly to the garden for a barbecue. There is also a reclosable zipper in place that can lock the freshness inside and increase the shelf-life, while reducing wastage. As per Schur Star, these are all the elements that can enhance brand loyalty.

Schur stated that the new packaging line has been in the pipeline for some time. Several tests have been conducted in controlled atmospheric filling process and have been adjusted to give out better results.

Higher meat contents, improved taste of sausages, coupled with increased shelf life are poised of taking Lithell’s sausages to the leading position in the market.

The Lithells brand was established in 1907 and since then has taken the position of market leader and primary sausage expert in Sweden.

The company has the largest sausage factory in Sweden and it was acquired by Atria in 1997. Even after the acquisition, Lithells has continued to produce its sausage products.

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