Trade Resources Industry Views UK's BCQ Invests in Duplo's DC-746 Integrated Folding System

UK's BCQ Invests in Duplo's DC-746 Integrated Folding System

UK-based commercial printing firm BCQ has invested in Duplo’s DC-746 integrated folding system (IFS), in a bid to enhance its production operations.

The DC-746, which avoids the need for a separate paper folding machine, allows users to cut, crease, perforate and fold digitally-printed sheets in a single pass.

Duplo’s DC-746 IFS has been integrated with high capacity feeder, PC Controller software for easy job setup, and CCD scanner to read barcodes and registration marks

Through applying one of six common fold patterns, the machine will automatically fold sheets up to 350gsm that were cut, creased and perforated. With 5.9" feed capacity, the machine can process up to 50 sheets per minute.

The system can be used for the production of brochures, menus, greeting cards, tent cards, invitations and newsletters.

With optional rotary tool and cross perforating modules, the system can be used with digital printers for medium to high production jobs.

BCQ Buckingham managing director Chris Knowles said: “We evaluated the market in terms of digital finishing equipment, and found that in addition to the full automation, high productivity and quality, it also provided us with additional versatility.”

Peter Jolly, Duplo UK Managing Director, said: “This is another great addition to our portfolio and will enable customers to improve the efficiency of their operations. Eliminating a separate process not only streamlines the workflow but also supports faster turnaround times.”

With operations in around 170 countries, the firm’s high precision automated print finishing technology can be used in a vast range of finishing processes ranging from saddle stitching, booklet making and perfect binding, to cutter-creasers.

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