Trade Resources Industry Views Revolaze Is Quickly Making Some Noise in The $70 Billion Global Denim Jeans Market

Revolaze Is Quickly Making Some Noise in The $70 Billion Global Denim Jeans Market

RevoLaze, a laser technology firm headquartered in Westlake, OH, is quickly making some noise in the $70 billion global denim jeans market. RevoLaze’s laser technology and products are designed to improve the manufacturing processes of the denim apparel industry from both efficiency and environmental standpoints.

The company holds 29 worldwide patents for laser scribing methods to impart graphics and patterns on a variety of substrates such as denim.  Demonstrating its technological leadership, RevoLaze announced plans to expand its state-of-the-art “Laser Technology Center” in 2014.

This new Laser Technology Center will boast RevoLaze’s latest Linear Processing machine with 5,000 watts of total laser power. In addition to the Linear Processing machine, RevoLaze has also modified a new delivery system for finished garments. The Laser Technology Center will enable RevoLaze to work closely with its customers to design new products and develop new ideas to improve processes.

RevoLaze has been refining and advancing the laser technology for use in the denim industry for over 20 years.

“Our technologies help denim mills, denim laundries, denim manufacturers and apparel brands realize significant cost reductions, throughput enhancement and design flexibility,” says RevoLaze CEO Darryl Costin, PhD. “Importantly, our processes also result in significant environmental and health benefits via reduced water and chemical usage.

"Further, our systems eliminate the need for sandblasting and hand sanding of denim thereby eliminating the health risk associated with these processes. And because RevoLaze technology is patented, our partners have absolute assurance the technology they are using to create their fabric or garments is properly licensed,” says Costin.

For the past 25 years Eric Goldstein, owner of Manhattan-based Eric Goldstein Consulting, has been involved in product development, production, retailing and merchandising specific to the denim industry. He thinks the Laser Technology Center will provide huge benefits and be a useful tool for the entire industry. “It will be a big part of the future. Anybody can go there with ideas for improving processes or creating new products,” says Goldstein.

About RevoLaze LLC
Through a combination of unique digital software and specifically designed material delivery systems, RevoLaze develops the highest speed, highest power galvo driven laser machines for textiles on the planet. With over 20 years of experience and 29 patents granted worldwide, RevoLaze offers its licensees unprecedented cost reduction, throughput enhancement and design flexibility. Using its unique design software, RevoLaze’s laser scribing technology replicates the look of stone/enzyme washing, ring spun denim and can create a variety of patterned denim.

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Revolaze to Expand Denim's Laser Technology Center in Ohio
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