Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Bebo Develops Multilayer Pot for French Dairy Firm Le Petit Basque

RPC Bebo Develops Multilayer Pot for French Dairy Firm Le Petit Basque

Thermoformed packaging manufacturer RPC Bebo Bouxwiller has developed a multilayer pot for French dairy company Le Petit Basque’s new range of sheep’s milk specialities.

RPC has provided a new packaging solution for Douceur de Brebis desserts produced by Le Petit Basque.

The new multilayer pot will help French diary firm to protect to preserve taste, freshness and extended life of the desserts.

The inside of the pot is white in color, while the exterior portion features the exterior sky blue color.

RPC Bebo has produced 95mm pot by using inline thermoforming, which converts multiple technical polymers into the finished pack in a single production step.

According to the company, the pack has been designed to meet the customer’s exacting standards for hygiene and line efficiency throughout the filling operation.

In November, RPC Bebo Bouxwiller announced that it developed new thermoformed polypropylene packaging solution for Duo Lozère's organic yoghurts and fromage blanc.

The company developed new 125cc thermoformed polypropylene pots to pack Lozère’s organic yoghurts and fromage blanc.

The lightweight and easy to handle packs are designed for consumer convenience and ease of use with effective product protection and presentation, said the company.

RPC Bebo, which is part of RPC Group, offers olutions for a range of markets such as margarines, spreads, fresh, frozen and ambient shelf stable foods, seafood, meat & poultry, dairy products, baby food, fruit, ice cream, coffee capsules, and vending cups.

With a turnover of around €4bn per annum, RPC Group provides plastic solutions for packaging and non-packaging markets.

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