Trade Resources Industry Views JAC Crowned as The Top in Light Truck Market

JAC Crowned as The Top in Light Truck Market

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The year of 2017 sees JAC light truck goes up against the tide, and over the span of a single month, JAC has been crowned as the top sales leader in light truck market for two consecutive months. In Jan. to Feb., 2017, JAC’s light truck sales totaled 38,000 units, up 18.3 from a year earlier, at a growth rate far exceeding that of its competitors.

While most truck builders find themselves in highly competitive markets, the sales of JAC Shuailing and Junling, two medium and high-end products, were thought to amount to 23,699 units, total up 12% from a year earlier, consolidating his position as the light truck leaders.

The reason why JAC was crowned as a sales leader for two consecutive months is that it announced the launch of national V products in advance to dominate the market. In addition, JAC has created power brands of their own including GreenJet and Sino-foreign MaxxForce. The power like GreenJet 2.0L, 2.7L, Maxxforce 3.2L and 4.8L tends to be at the leading edge among its counterparts with a host of features including high-efficiency, low emission, low noise and high reliability.

At Beijing Expo in April, 2016, almost 20 National V variants including GreenJet 2.0L, 2.7L was launched, thereafter, it comes to the launch of updated Shuailing wise like version, Junling V6, Kangling X5. By the end of Feb., 2017, JAC has developed more than 300 products that meets the National V emission standards.

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Light Truck Sales Champion Awarded to JAC for Two Consecutive Months
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