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Twin-Screw Compressor Is a Biaxial Positive Displacement Rotary Type Compressor

Air compressor screw air compressor equipment Kangpu Si air compressor equipment – Screw Air Compressor with pre-sets of configuration, a single power supply connection and compressed air connections, and built-in cooling system, and installation work greatly simplified. Kangpu Si screw air compressors with its advantages of high-performance, high efficiency, maintenance-free, highly reliable consistent for all sectors to provide quality compressed air. Screw air compressors, screw compression components, using the latest CNC grinding machine internal manufacturing, and with a line laser technology, to ensure that the manufacturing tolerances are extremely accurate. Its reliability and performance to ensure that the operating costs of compressors in use during the period has been very low. Are the L / adjust the compressor, one compressor and desiccant in the compressor of the LS series of new products.

Twin-screw compressor is a biaxial positive displacement rotary type compressor, the main is the main (positive) pairs (yin) two rotor with the composition of the meshing pair, the main and auxiliary rotor tooth external casing inner wall to form a closed volume, twin-screw less than 40 cubic meters and above models need to add speed increasing gear, increase power consumption and easy locking head; worm compressor is a single-axis displacement rotary compressor, meshing pair is composed by a worm, and two symmetrical layout of the star wheel by worm screw channel and star of the tooth surface and the casing inner wall to form a closed primitive volume, but less than is the material of the star wheel film has yet to be improved.

With excellent reliability, little vibration, low noise, easy to operate, less wearing parts, high operating efficiency is its biggest advantage.

The screw compressor is a positive displacement compressor, the air compression is achieved by alveolar volume change of the yin and yang rotor installed in parallel to each other within the chassis mesh and.

Rotor pair it with precision chassis rotation between the rotor alveolar gas continue to produce periodic volume changes along the rotor axis, the discharge side of the suction side of the push to complete the inhalation of compressed exhaust three working process.

Screw air compressor is a single-stage twin-screw compressor fuel injection, divided into single-screw air compressors and screw air compressors, efficient pulley drive, driven by the host rotation for compressed air, through the spray oil for cooling the compressed air within the host, the host of air emissions and oil-gas mixture through coarse and fine two separate oil from the compressed air to separate, and finally clean compressed air. Cooler for cooling the compressed air and oil.

The body of the screw compressor is divided into two, one for the belt drive, and the other for direct-drive. Belt drive is more suitable power of about 22KW compressor, two pulley speed ratio of manufacturing power through a belt drive; direct-drive is a coupling of electric source together with the host, the worm all the compressor is directly driven by the worm rotation twin-screw compressors are required to add a growth gear in order to improve the speed of the main rotor.

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