Trade Resources Industry Views UK's Skymark Packaging Invests in Universal X6 Laser Perforation Slitter Rewinder

UK's Skymark Packaging Invests in Universal X6 Laser Perforation Slitter Rewinder

UK-based Skymark Packaging invested in a Universal X6 laser perforation slitter rewinder to boost its flexible packaging production.

The new laser perforation slitter rewinder from Universal Converting Equipment will allow Skymark to process a wide range of flexible packaging films.

Universal Converting said that the laser perforator is designed to enable the films, during slitting process, to be either perforated to modify the atmosphere within the package or scored to make packing easier to open for the consumer.

The universal X6, which is planned to be installed at the Skymark’s facility in Scunthorpe, features the laser scoring technology, which is designed to enables packaging films to be perforated to a high level of accuracy at speeds of 350m/min.

Skymark director Paul Neath said: “The investment in laser perforation and scoring capacity is part of a larger expansion program.

“We chose Universal as they are able to offer local support for both the slitting machine and the Rofin laser system. Universal also has over 20 years experience with similar laser systems”

In addition to providing the ability to selectively score one or more layers of laminated film, the technology allows Skymark to produce ‘easy peel’ packaging, without compromising the barrier properties of the complete packaging.

Additionally, the universal X6 features include automatic knife and core positioning as well as on-screen diagnostics and remote support to ensure that the X6 is consistently productive.

Universal Converting Equipment managing director Alan Jones said: “The growth of Skymark is mirrored by the growth of Universal. Having acquired additional buildings, Universal is set to double its output of X6 slitter rewinders in 2018.

“Although most of the machines are exported it is always good to supply companies that are closer to home.”

Universal Converting Equipment is also providing free lifetime support for the Universal X6 laser perforation slitter rewinder, for Skymark.

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