Trade Resources Industry Views Medium & High-End Heavy-Duty Truck Popular in 2016

Medium & High-End Heavy-Duty Truck Popular in 2016

The market of heavy-duty truck is the “vane” of Chinese micro political and economic laws and regulations; the “barometer” of Chinese economy and the  “thermometer” of people’s livelihood. The development trend of heavy-duty truck can reflect the developing situation and growing speed of annual macro and micro economics development.

Tractor Market Subdivided  Medium and High-end HD Truck Popularized

The increasingly subdivision of social market during the 13th Five-year Plan will further promote the development of logistics delivery industry. Especially the revising GB1589 mandatory national standards enlarged the loading capacity and size of trucks, so the goods which can be loaded by one truck in one round will be increased the overloading will be radically changed. Besides, dumping trailers transportation and telematics will be increasingly improved. The asymmetry of logistics information will be solved gradually. The demand of centralized logistics delivery will appear and high-efficiency logistics trucks in subdivided market will become the main stream. Meanwhile, the export volume of tractor will also be increased.

It is estimated that the sales volume of low-end heavy-duty truck will be reduced, medium and high-end trucks with big horsepower will be quickly increased in 2016. For medium and high-end trucks features big horsepower, multiple gears, small speed ratio, various electrical devices, unique appearance and high comfortability, etc.. The medium and high-end trucks, such as Foton Daimler Auman GTL Super truck will continue lead the high-end truck market. The road transportation featured by increasingly high efficiency and fast speed will greet the era of big-horsepower tractors. It is estimated that a batch of brand new trucks will be rolled out in few years.

Auman GTL Super truck is equipped with Cummins ISG superior engine, cylinder diameter of 132mm, max. torque of 2,300 N.m. It can meet the demand of various road conditions for its big horsepower, big displacement, strong power, fast start-up, fast acceleration and fast slope climbing. It uses the Nanonet™ filtration and wet cylinder liner, which can guarantee the excellent cooling of engine and the stability of cylinder liner. Meanwhile, it can prevent the deformation of cylinder liner, the leading of gas and fuel, the oxidation, pollution and deterioration of engine oil. The retarder of engine oil can reduce oxidation and realize the ultra-long maintenance period of 0.1 million mileages. It can save the operation cost of 9,000 RMB per truck every year, which improved the operation efficiency comprehensively, increased the operation interests of truck users, and meet the customers’ demand of medium and high-end heavy-duty trucks.

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Medium and High-End Heavy-Duty Truck Popular in 2016 Commercial Vehicle Market
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