Trade Resources Industry Views Xinjiang Portable UAV Mavic PRO Release: Self Bar Terminator, But It Is The Exclusive Nouveau Riche

Xinjiang Portable UAV Mavic PRO Release: Self Bar Terminator, But It Is The Exclusive Nouveau Riche

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September 5th, Lei science and technology reported that the large border may release the message of the pocket uav. Less than a month, this rumor has become a reality. Last night in New York in the United States issued a portable unmanned aerial vehicle Pro Mavic. The biggest feature is compact portable, easy to use, and some media called portable uav.

Xinjiang Portable UAV Mavic PRO Release: Self Bar Terminator, But It Is The Exclusive Nouveau Riche

However,"Royal" Pro Mavic did not do pocket size.Mavic folding design, folding state, 4 arms close to the body, the overall size of the mineral water bottle, can be easily put into the backpack.

"Royal" Pro MavicEquipped with mechanical stability of 4K aerial camera, visual navigation system, as far as 7 kilometers, the longest distance map from 27 minutes of flight time, the configuration is at the leading level in the field of small uav.

Xinjiang founder, CEO Wang Tao said:

Since the founding of the 10 years, we have been thinking about how to optimize the UAV operation experience. We have never stopped the product from the appearance to the function of the update iteration, hoping to see the product can inspire each user's imagination and creativity. Mavic once again embodies the Xinjiang leading position in the industry, this time, we bring users new tools, let them tell their story with hitherto unknown way of aerial photography."

With a number of small UAV will be thrown to fly, with the fly, waterproof these features as different characteristics, XinjiangRoyal Pro Mavic still emphasizes its stable flight and dynamic imaging capabilities.

One of the strongest advantages: stable and intelligent flight capacity

hisBased on the FlightAutonomy system, the advantages of stability, handling and security are obvious.

FlightAutonomy isMavic's "brain", itsCalculation of the kernel and other components from each of the front, as the visual camera, the main camera, GPS\/GLONASS dual-mode satellite positioning system, ultrasonic sensor module, redundancy and high performance 24. FlightAutonomy breaks the traditional optical flow technique, effective distance, and can perceive three-dimensional space environment, in the absence of satellite signal in the case of precise positioning, navigation and route planning, support the fastest 36 kilometers per hour (10 m \/ sec) to achieve the intelligent obstacle avoidance flight.

In the endurance, Mavic flight time of up to 27 minutes, the map can be as far as 7 kilometers from the distance. In sport mode, Mavic can reach a maximum speed of 64.8 km \/ h (18 m \/ sec), seized the UAV racing the user scene. In the stability of the ability, Mavic can be at 38.5 km \/ h under the wind speed to maintain a stable hover or flying attitude. In the flight restrictions, Mavic is still the application of the whole product is being large geographical fence system (Geofencing), can not fly into the sensitive area of the restricted.

In the intelligent flight, Mavic has automatic return function, precise landing function. Precision landing function to achieve the principle of: take a set of photographs taken off, landing, according to these photos to find the landing point and precision landing.

Two best advantage: strong aerial image capability

Mavic Pro is equipped with 12 million pixel aerial camera, you can shoot JPG and RAW format picture; supports 30 frames per second and 96 frames per second 4K video 1080p video capture; take the history of the DJI minimum of three axis stabilized platform stabilization, than the electronic image stabilization system; aerial camera can be rotated 90 degrees to achieve vertical shoot. With the autofocus camera closest focusing distance of 0.5m. These designs make it outstanding in the self portrait and self portrait.

Mavic has a new design of the foldable remote controller, with display height, distance, power and other information, the user can be combined with the mobile phone through the remote control and remote control, mobile phone (mobile phone remote controller can be fixed on the bottom) three modes of operation, easy to get started.

Pro OcuSync to take Mavic HD image transmission technology, the map of the distance up to 7 km, the resolution can be as high as 1080p. In addition to the OcuSync is also equipped with a 2.4G\/5G dual band Wi-Fi link, to facilitate the user directly to use a mobile phone to control the aircraft to deal with such as self timer, follow, on the machine image download and other close range applications. Users through the GO DJI application can be realized now Facebook, YouTube and micro-blog and other social networking platform for live video, the highest resolution of up to 1080p.

The best advantage of the three: the most intelligent big man in Xinjiang

Mavic support pointing flight, gesture self. Self designed for self gesture design, particularly highlights, which makes UAV understand user "sign language", users only need to make corresponding action in front of the aircraft, Mavic will automatically be placed in the center of the screen to the user, the user sends out the instruction through gestures, body flash will countdown self timer.

Intelligent follow mode is also supported, can be from the front, rear, parallel, surround and other arbitrary angles to achieve intelligent follow. The terrain following "mode that can independently determine the terrain height and maintain relatively constant (0.3 to 10 meters range), which means that it can easily capture" Nap-of-the-Earth "such a cool video. "Three foot" mode which allows the Mavic turned a suspended in the air three tripod camera, and more precise.

Jiang finally introduced the control of the glasses

Prior to some of the UAV has been trying to take VR glasses or helmet way to control the UAV, before the big border for this interaction does not seem to agree. Of course, before Xinjiang on mobile phone drones also complained. But these two methods have been supported in Mavic.

FPV DJI Goggle glasses Xinjiang introduced the first perspective, it is equipped with a 85 degree angle of double 1920*1080p and Mavic through the LTPS display, can be directly connected to the OcuSync, the maximum reduce the frame delay, provide immersion flight experience for the user, or the realization of the first person perspective picture sharing.

The price is still not cheap is the exclusive nouveau riche

Mavic Pro Chinese is priced at 6499 yuan, the flight battery price of 499 yuan, all suits contain a Mavic Pro, additional two smart flight battery, a single shoulder bag, spare propeller, charging housekeeper, car charger, and battery charging treasure - converter, a full set of equipment for the price of 7999 yuan. With immediate effect, the official website of the official mall began to accept reservations, in October 15th began shipping, Shenzhen, Seoul, Hongkong flagship store will start selling in mid October. Apple official website from now on to accept reservations, Store Apple retail stores will begin sales in the early November. Interested in this product, please visit\/mavic.

Xinjiang reference apple, launchedCare DJIFor the new plan, after the user to buy the plan, in the protection of time, such as the case of Mavic damage can have a two chance to enjoy the whole machine for new services, just pay a fee for a certain service can be replaced. The launch of this service is probably the most recent initiatives to deal with the problem of the UAV fried chicken.

Xinjiang is working to promote the popularization of its products. Although Xinjiang UAV prices are still many other white users to catch up, but the Xinjiang has launched Osmo Mobile platform for UAV peripheral products that help users better self pricing, this product is still as high as $300, more than the majority of Android mobile phone prices, but before Xinjiang products have a lot cheaper. In addition to products, Jiang also with micro-blog, Youku potatoes and other platforms to cooperate to share the contents of the output to enhance the impact of the UAV in the public's white users.

This time Mavic Pro is priced at 6499 yuan, mobile phone iPhone than the current comprehensive ability to take pictures of the strongest 7 128GB version of the more expensive, obviously, this is a "nouveau riche toy". For the pursuit of portable UAV consumer class players, it has a strong appeal. For some of the size of the UAV, such as the operation of the quasi UAV players, Pro Mavic will allow them to pay. For direct seeding users, Pro Mavic is expected to become the first choice for live network red, PGC broadcast organizations, such as App. However, for most white users, Mavic Pro is still some people catch up.

It is worth noting that Mavic Pro called "Pro" means it is likely to have Mavic mini, Mavic and other conventional version, the version is expected to lower the price, followed the Xinjiang products first to launch the traditional route based on high-end, low-end.

Xinjiang closed a window the friends are

Xinjiang is the pioneer UAV market leader and later, in the field of UAV aerial almost no break, so the choice of plant protection machine, small UAVs this segment of the market, it has become a common choice of Xinjiang friends are. Prior to this, there are a lot of players in the field of small uav.

The pursuit of human portable electronic devices can be described as tireless, in the UAV becomes smaller this thing, human beings have made a lot of efforts in recent years, when it comes to portable UAV, it is easy to associate to Lily.

When Lily first came to meet the people of all the fantasy of the UAV, the UAV weight is 1.3KG, the size of 26.1× 26.1× cm 8.18, this volume should be able to easily put into the backpack, carry.

Lily is very simple to operate, support for "throwing fly", but also automatically back to the user.

Lily also reached the IP76 waterproof rating, which is a lot of UAV does not have the.

Unfortunately, Lily UAV as many cool products, then by virtue of concept in the PPT release and raise money, indefinitely delayed.

However, exploring the portable UAV did not stop.

At CES earlier this year, the Tencent issued a joint zero air UAV YING, this UAV has the advantages of small volume, can be folded cantilever, the inclusion of the equivalent adult palm size, weight not exceeding 450g, air YING operation will be based entirely on the APP mobile phone, the mobile phone touch + gravity induction the way to control.

Air flight YING is based on Qualcomm snapdragon (Snapdragon Flight) platform, after Qualcomm has released the UAV platform, its built-in Xiaolong 801 processor, GPS, support 4K video capture.

But it still can't buy.

In May CES Asia, zero and launched a UAV more portable, namely Dobby (dobby) pocket drones, from the name to know its advantages of portability. Dobby UAV is also a folding of the small UAV, smaller and lighter than the YING, size is only iPhone 6 size, weight of 199G, equivalent to a Plus iPhone6 weight. It is based on Qualcomm chips, with a primary camera capability, but the wind resistance is poor, more suitable for indoor flight. Dobby also supports modeling, clustering, panorama, the United States, competitive, and based on the development of face recognition and other applications.

Fortunately, Dobby can buy, the price of 2399 yuan in Jingdong.

In addition to the zero degree of two products, there are portable UAV products abroad. Australian technology companies such as Group IoT launched this year, called ROAM-e UAV, which has a strong portability, but also with the shoot. With a 500 pixel camera in addition to taking pictures of ordinary, but also to take a 360 degree panoramic photos, the official said it was able to record 20 minutes of video.

This product is the original plan this year in delivery, now seems to jump.

Portable UAVs can be put into the pocket at any time, especially suitable for travel when the shooting anywhere, so the future is likely to be welcomed by users. Relatively speaking, the traditional UAV large volume, multiple and very heavy, is not suitable for ordinary users to use. As a result, the future is likely to be responsible for the professional market and professional users of large UAVs, and pocket UAV will be popular in the white user. However, from the most pocket drone bounced, the technology is still not mature enough. This time, Jiang Mavic release shows that the portability of UAV technology has been very mature, Pro Mavic in the flight capabilities, image capabilities, intelligent functions are not lost to big and other large uav. Although its volume is not the smallest, but it is the most comprehensive ability, and, to buy.

In this view, the impact of Pro Mavic released in the UAV industry, no less than the smart phone in the computer industry: when a device with a portable, the imagination will be completely open.

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