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How Big Is The Gap Between China and The United States CPU

China military (DI:fbi517549070) has been a large number of Chinese on the chip to rely on imports, and the cost of the purchase of the chip has been more than the cost of oil, but also in the United States Intel CPU, AMD, IBM. There are AMD GPU in NVIDIA, America, TI on DSP. In the FPGA on Xilinx and Altera...... can be said in a variety of chip America in absolute advantage, so China CPU and the United States is how much?

In the desktop chip, the Godson and flight test scores at present sentinel single threaded desktop quad core chip best about Intel I5 4460 and Intel 1\/3, although the gap is still relatively large, but there is no Godson and Feiteng software application big game such as the higher requirement on the performance of CPU, now the performance for most the application is enough, especially for military office and computer integrated machine, the performance of Godson 3A3000 and 1500A ascended already belongs to excess performance, as long as the software to keep up with, can replace Intel in military and political fields CPU.

CPU on the server, over 2000 although there is a certain gap in the single thread performance and Intel, but the whole chip performance is quite good, with Intel Xeon E5-2695v3, is already the world's strongest performance of the whole chip ARM CPU server, if the ARM and other foreign manufacturers to improve its service for CPU software ecosystem, a climax may through ARM ecological soar.

In the super computer chip, Shen Wei 26010 can be the best accelerator and Intel KNL head-on contest.

Today, we focus on another area, aerospace class CPU. The CPU, which is the brain of a satellite, is capable of working under harsh conditions such as interstellar space, not only to deal with extremely harsh and low temperatures, but also to cope with the pervasive cosmic radiation. In response to high temperature and low temperature, the main is to increase the timing of the circuit, and reduce power consumption. Some people say that the anti radiation technology is to add an anti radiation chip to the chip it? This is difficult. In fact, the protection of the chip package is limited, high energy particle flow can be put into the chip packaging materials, into the chip to cause damage to the chip. There are two kinds of reinforcement technology, design and technology, or the two kinds of technology, which are used in combination with the design and technology.

In a broad sense, the anti radiation reinforcement design includes material design, system design, structure design, circuit design, device design, packaging design, software design, etc.. In a narrow sense, generally refers to the use of circuit design and layout design to reduce the damage of ionizing radiation. Process reinforcement is a technology that uses special technology to resist radiation hardening. The process step may be proprietary to the manufacturer or the military, and may be added to the standard manufacturer's wafer fabrication process for the purpose of strengthening the specific process steps. Radiation hardened technology has a high degree of specialization and high complexity.

In a long period of time, China's satellite processors are mostly rely on imports, domestic satellite also mostly imported CPU. The western countries headed by the United States strictly limit the high performance aerospace grade and military grade CPU exports, China's development of on-board computer is limited. More than and 10 years ago, a Chinese American scholar for the purchase of dozens of military grade Intel 486 CPU and sold to Chinese, by the judicial organ of the United States Department of defense and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of investigation alleged case.

In the military level, the number of domestic aerospace grade CPU, in fact most of the reverse engineering of foreign products, such as the application of 386EX in aerospace, and is applied in the military electronic equipment 486DX, ARM7, and some units of PowerPC603e and SM1750, the generic SM1753, SM1754, the domestic version of the P1750 has been used for a number of remote sensing, and number three, number four test satellite. There are also based on the SPARC open source code to modify the design of the BM3802RH and BM3803MGRH. But these imitation or based on the open source code to modify the design of the domestic CPU, most of the performance is low, P1750, 386EX, 486DX, ARM7 performance than 50MIPS, BM3802RH, PowerPC603e, although more than 100MIPS, is stronger than that of RAD6000 and LEON in Europe, be roughly the same, but the computational performance in the United States, RAD750 is still not a small gap - RAD750 240 - 400MIPS.

Launched in 2015 100% Beidou realized using domestic CPU, the Beidou system is equipped with a Loongson 1E and core 1F, responsible for the routine operation, data acquisition, switch control and communication function. Loongson 1E and core 1F is a very small number of independent design space level, CPU, and RAD750 from mature commercial products like the PowerPC 750, Loongson 1E and 1F core is also due to the relatively mature technology, the micro structure of GS232, started in 2006, GS232 IP authorized last year sold about three million set by CPU Godson GS232 has sold millions of tablets. The performance index of Loongson 1E and core 1F 200MIPS, although RAD750 and the United States is still a gap, but the performance is stronger than the western open to China aerospace grade CPU. More valuable is the Loongson 1E and core 1F price of only a few million yuan a piece, and willing to Western aerospace grade chips are sold to China in the United States like performance for 100MIPS ATMELAT697 to 200 thousand to 30 in case of better performance, the price is as high as one million yuan.

At present, the Godson 1E has been achieved to replace imports of American ATMELAT697, is developing the next generation of GS232e CPU based on the space level, the performance will reach 400MIPS, the work once completed, to break the western countries in the high-end Aerospace chip monopoly.

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