Trade Resources Industry Views Bridgestone Has Unveiled Air Free Tire

Bridgestone Has Unveiled Air Free Tire

Bridgestone has unveiled Air Free tire, its second-generation prototype that does not have air inside. 

Instead of cushions the tire has angled spokes like an array of shock-absorbing resin bands with coating of solid rubber, which is designed to provide flexibility.

The company claims that the tire will prove to be a game changer to the life of bikes, cars, and bicycles, as there is no need to fill air, with problems of flat tire eliminated. Also, every part of the tire is recyclable.

The design was showed in 2011 and the the company is attempting to increase vehicle safety with the new tire.

Presently, the tire is too stiff and the company is trying to address the issue. Toyota is planning to test the tire on its electric vehicle.

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Bridgestone Unveils Air Free Tires
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