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The Introduction of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a solid powder state, and with powder with coating, and then heated state of harmony flow flat or dissolve the solidified into film coating. Powder coating VOC content is low, remove easy, after spraying coatings can be recycled and used again; After construction film basically do not produce pinhole, usually than liquid coating easy construction, form film better durability. Powder coating began in the 1960s, a coating developed new products, new technology, with saving energy and resources, and reduce environmental pollution, the process is simple, easy to realize automation, coating, durable, pollution-free, labor high production efficiency, powder can be recycled etc. Characteristics. General thermosetting powder coating used type, type thermosetting resin curing temperature is higher (180 ~ 220 ℃), curing time long (10 ~ 30min), this limit its can only be used for metal heat-resistant base material, and relatively high power consumption and time consuming. And by ultraviolet radiation curing light curing, can make receipt curing temperature low to 100 ~ 120 ℃, greatly lower than traditional thermal curing powder coating using temperature, so can avoid excessive heat, thus may base such as lumber, plastic occasions applications. Germany hurst company but D. F such developed a kind of can be used for density fiberboard (MDF) thermoplastics etc thermal base material uv-curable powder coatings system. This system is not satisfied by solid as main body resin polyester resin, with solid polyurethane acrylates for curing crosslinking agent, uv-curable mechanism for radical polymerization. Study found that coating performance is formula composition, powder size, infrared light intensity, light source, and base material, irradiation time, the distance between the intensity of ultraviolet light irradiation time and other factors. American Ferro VAMP supercritical fluid manufacturing company develops new process is suitable for processing automobile powder coatings, it has the following advantages: (1) avoid the VAMP system full-sealed dust fibers surrounding environment pollution affects powder coating cleanliness; (2) the particle switch can control; (3) system powder coating with excellent performance, friction charged to be able to permeate powder spraying process to reach place, coating thickness; (4) can obtain a thin film; (5) processing low temperature, can prevent methylacrylic acid shrink glyceride (GMA) type bingxisuan resin coated membrane, and prevent oxidation yellow change. 6 this new technology can close to minimize gets to reaction flow leveling powder, reproducible; 7 for temperature curing powder coating processing; 7 using crystalline polymer preparation powder coatings, improve storage stability, lower melting viscosity of transparent coating liquidity, softness affected. In recent years for will powder coatings used in foreign car coating, do a lot of research work, resin synthesis, powder manufacturing coating technology all have made great progress. Resin synthesis is research outdoor anti-aging antioxidant fade new epoxy resin, and improving acrylic polyester resin composite coating surface smoothness. With environmental requirements more and more severe powder coating technology constantly improve, powder coating applications will more and more widely. Source:

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