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Wheels,One of The Most Important and Prime Parts of a Vehicle

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Vehicles are often termed as wheels as they are one of the most important and prime parts of a Vehicle. Naturally, you need to take intense care of them. These wheels are the parts upon which your vehicle runs and are the ones which depreciate and fade off to the earliest. Garage owners have exclusive machines to take care of the wheels. Various automobiles have their respective wheel balancers as well as tire changers. Very often we find ourselves into situations where we need to use our spare tires. Hence, when our vehicle enters into a garage, the mechanics use a certain machine to take a closer look at the wheels in order to fix the problem. This machine is referred to as Wheel Balancers. It holds the wheel upright and makes it easier to operate the flaws. Unlike the Wheels, the Wheel Balancers need minimum maintenance. A particular Wheel balancer can easily last up-to many years and provide efficient service through-out. Hence, it is a fruitful investment for the garage owners.

Recently with the enhancement in technology, there are various new and advanced Wheel Balancers being introduced which have optimized features and better efficiency. Laser-guided Weight Placement, 3-D Auto Data Entry, Spindle Stop & Lock, and real time operating training modes are the features that have increased the accuracy of these machines to a large extent. These advanced machines can calculate the wheel distance, diameter and width and then display the results in an LCD Color Monitor attached to it. Hence, the man-power requirement has been significantly reduced.

The use of Motor-cycle balancers has also grown within a short span of time. The twin-purpose stands enable the bikers to attain accurate and quicker balance of the tires. The radial bearings are built with low friction feature to provide better balancing ability. Many people think that the additional panels that are provided along with the balancer might take up more space in the garage. But it is not the case here. The side support can be detached from the balancer and can be easily stored in a garage.

Previously we used to see mechanics change tires manually which needed more man power and used up a lot of time as well. Nowadays with the automated tire changer machines, this work merely takes a few minutes without any such man-power. Trucks and semi-trucks require heavy-weight balancers with a larger diameter. The machine automatically calculates the minimum amount of weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for the tire and wheel configuration. The computer generated driving simulation assembles the tire and reduces the possibility of any kind of misbalance. The touch-pad display panel makes it easier for the operators to use the machine. Also there is an LED lit indicators show the exact weight positions. The braking system here is pneumatic and it automatically secures the wheel in the perfect position.

The motors usually are single phased which may end up showing a few defects eventually. But recently there have been modifications regarding this. There are three-phased motors available in the market which eliminates all the limitations regarding start-up process. These high-end Balancers need special capacitors and switches in order to run properly. Also they emit more output voltage. As the wheels of a truck are quite bulky for a single man to lift, these machines acquire an integrated wheel lift which allows the mechanic to lift the wheel effortlessly.

All these aspects make these wheel balancers and tire changers a major component of Garage equipment.

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