Trade Resources Industry Views Asahi Kasei Micro Devices Chooses Veeco MBE Technology For IR Sensor Production

Asahi Kasei Micro Devices Chooses Veeco MBE Technology For IR Sensor Production

Veeco Instruments announced today that Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), a leading electronics company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has purchased a GEN200® Molecular Beam Epitaxy System and S UMO® Effusion Cells for production  of infrared sensors at their Manufacturing Center in Japan.

“Veeco clearly demonstrated their expertise and their system’s superior process performance capability, making the choice to select their MBE technology an easy decision,” said Dr. Yoshihiko Shibata, General Manager, Fuji Manufacturing Center.   “The GEN200 provides us with superior heater performance an d the SUM O Effusion Cells offer exceptional uniformity and process stability that are required to meet our demanding sensor production requirements.”

Based on customer feedback, the GEN200 MBE Sys tem delivers a compelling cost of ownership through long campaigns and excellent wafer quality in the product ion of GaAs and InP-based wafers for infrared sensors and laser diodes. The system also features a modular architecture that allows a significantly smaller footprint than comparable MBE systems and allows for up to two growth modules for greater throughput. 

“We are pleased that AKM, a highly regarded industry innovator, selected the GEN200 system to expand their production of high performance infrared sensors,” said Gerry Blumenstock, Vice President of Veeco’s MBE Operations.   “This win underscores Veeco’s market leadership in production M BE, proven technology and world-class service and support.”

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