Trade Resources Industry Views Xerium Introduces New Transform Fabrics for Paperboard and Packaging Machines

Xerium Introduces New Transform Fabrics for Paperboard and Packaging Machines

Xerium Technologies has introduced new TransForm, a new generation of forming fabrics for paperboard and packaging machines.

TransForm technology can be used for machines, which will produce paperboard, containerboard, fluting/corrugating, linerboard, kraft bag and liquid packaging board.

It can also be used for machines producing food and beverage containers, bleach board, white top paperboard, boxboard and other related subgrades.

TransForm forming fabrics have been designed to be suited for different board and packaging formers, including fourdriniers, twin wire formers, top formers, gap formers, and multiply formers.

According to the company, the new forming fabrics will help in cost reduction and operational improvements for paperboard and packaging manufacturers.

Xerium EVP and CTO Bill Butterfield said: “Our board and packaging customers continuously demand improvements in uptime efficiency and reduced operating costs while delivering higher product quality at maximum output.

“Utilizing new proprietary polymers and structural designs, our new TransForm line is already helping customers reduce energy consumption by more than 15 percent while extending fabric life between 15 and 25 percent.”

“We trialed these new TransForm products in select board and packaging mills with excellent results of improved drainage rates and sheet quality. The performance continues to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Xerium produces fabrics and roll covers, which can be used in the production of paper and packaging, nonwovens and other industrial manufacturing processes.

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