Trade Resources Industry Views This Worrying OnePlus 5 Bug Could Be The Difference Between Life and Death

This Worrying OnePlus 5 Bug Could Be The Difference Between Life and Death

Of all the possible scenarios, we couldn’t think of a worse time for our smartphone to reboot than during a call to the emergency services.

So, reports the brand new OnePlus 5 is rebooting any time some users attempt to call 911 - the equivalent of the UK’s 999 - are troubling to say the least.

Multiple users have taken to Reddit to report the issue, with one posting a video to Facebook demonstrate the unprompted shutdown.

OnePlus says it is looking into the issue, which could have serious consequences for OnePlus owners faced with an emergency.

In a statement to The Next Web, the company said: “We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at”

What’s causing the issue remains to be seen. Some posters have suggested it pertains to the phone’s GPS functionality.

It could be the phone encounters a problem when using GPS to provide a location to the person at the other end of the call, something emergency service operators look to leverage. Should this be the case, the issue may not be limited to 911 calls.

It’s likely the issue is something OnePlus can rectify with a software update, but until that time, it’ll remain a worry for those rocking the 5th generation handset.

Redditor ObscureProject wrote: “There has been only one instance in my life when I had to dial 911, and let me tell you, it was hard enough dialing those 3 numbers. If this had happened in that instance... That is absolutely terrifying to me.”

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