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Vaio Smartphone to Launch in Just Two Weeks Time

Vaio’s first ever smartphone seems almost assured to be real now, after two new reports from Japan out retail certification and images of the handset’s packaging.

Just last month we reported that the Vaio smartphone was set to launch in just two weeks time – that put the release on March 12.

Now we’re just one week away from that date, and the evidence that previously Sony-owned Vaio really is launching a smartphone seems to be stacking up.

For starters, Blogofmobile reports that Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications certified the Vaio handset – model number VA-10J – back in December.

Then a separate report, courtesy of PC Watch, revealed images of retail packaging for the device.

That same report also says the Vaio smartphone was originally scheduled for a December 4, 2014 release, but supply chain issues saw that date pushed back to March.

The boxing seems fairly nondescript. If anything, it seems to riff off Apple’s iPhone packaging, albeit opting for a black colour scheme with the Vaio branding stamped front and centre.

Unfortunately, the box didn’t actually contain the handset, so we’ve still got no idea what the Vaio smartphone will look like.

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Vaio's First Smartphone Certified in Japan, Retail Box Leaks