Trade Resources Industry Views Use of LED Chips in TV Backlighting to Grow

Use of LED Chips in TV Backlighting to Grow

The global volume of LED chips used in TV backlighting in 2017 will increase slightly on year, with Ultra HD, HDR and quantum dot models expected to increase usage, while direct-type backlights, OLED and adoption of flip-chip LED backlighting to decrease usage, according to Digitimes Research.

The increase will mostly come from Ultra HD TVs, because such models will take up 36.5% of all LCD TVs to be shipped in the year, rising 11.6pp on year, and an Ultra HD TV uses 30-50% more LED chips than a Full HD one, Digitimes Research indicated.

HDR and quantum dot TVs will contribute slightly to the increase as their shares of the 2017 shipments will be less than 5% each although a HDR TV or quantum dot TV uses many LED chips.

Direct-type LED-backlit TVs will see major reductions in the use of LED chips in 2017, and they will take up 64% of all LED-backlit TVs (the remaining 36% will be edge-type). And adoption of flip-chip LED devices will decrease the use of chips in TV backlighting.

However, OLED TVs' impact on the LED backlighting sector will be minimal, for the shipment proportion for such TVs will be only 0.72%.

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Digitimes Research: Use of LED Chips in TV Backlighting to Grow Slightly in 2017
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