Trade Resources Industry Views Phoseon to Showcase UV LED Curing Solutions at Propak Asia 2017

Phoseon to Showcase UV LED Curing Solutions at Propak Asia 2017

Phoseon Technology is set to exhibit the latest UV LED curing solutions for printing applications at the ProPak Asia 2017 event in Thailand

The event will take place from 14 to 17 in Bangkok.

Phoseon’s LED curing systems will enable users to process a range of materials, including thin and heat-sensitive substrates, at maximum production speeds with low-input power.

With LED thermal management, the curing solutions will enable to achieve compact size, better integrated and high intensity output in printing applications.

ProPak Asia will exhibit a range of products from different companies, including industry-related equipment for label, coding, screen and inkjet printers.

Other products being exhibited include manufacturing machinery, drying and curing equipment associated with food, drink, pharmaceutical processing and packaging technology.

Phoseon Technology has also recently expanded the use of UV curing applications into life sciences segment.

Phoseon provides UV LED solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Its solution can be used for UV LED curing of inks, coatings and adhesives.

The company produces FireEdge and FireJet products for use in large and small area curing applications of screening and medical products.

Its FireLine and FireJet UV LED curing lamps are used in small and wide format LED curing applications, including small and wide format, narrow and wide web, digital and retrofit products.

In addition, the firm’s FireLine, FirePower and FireFlex products can be used in flexographic and web printing applications such as electronics and displays.

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