Trade Resources Industry Views Bicycle Industry Analysis Report,2012

Bicycle Industry Analysis Report,2012

1. 2012 Chinese Bicycle Export Situation

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Bicycle Industry Analysis Report,2012

In the first nine months of 2012, six months of bicycles (including delivery tricycles) exports year-on-year growth, March gets the highest export volume, however the export volume in Jan.-Feb. is relatively low.

1.1.Jan.-Sep.2012 China Bicycle (Including Freight Tricycle) (HS: 8712) Exports Monthly Trend

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1.2. Jan.-Sep.2012 China Bicycle (Including Freight Tricycle) (HS:8712)Main Export Countries/Regions (Sort by Export Value)

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The first nine months of 2012, China's bicycle (including delivery tricycles) export quantity amounted to 44.511 million, up slightly by 4.2%, with export value amounting to $ 2.471 billion, an increase of 11%. USA and Japan are China Bicycle (including delivery tricycles)'s two largest export markets, respectively accounting for 32.8% and 22.6%.

From the point of view of export growth, the three quarters of 2012, China's bicycle (including delivery tricycles) exports increased year-on-year significantly in the largest export market USA and the sixth-largest export market Australia, export volume and export value to USA year on year respectively growth 30% and 29.6%,and the same to Australia is respectively 36.6% and 39.5%.

1.3. Jan.-Sep.2012 China Bicycle (Including Freight Tricycle) (HS:8712)Export Enterprise Distribution(Sort by Export Value)

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Tianjin is the largest export district of China's bicycle (including freight tricycle), the third quarter of 2012,its bicycle (including freight tricycle) export value account for 31.8% of the total amount, followed by Jiangsu, accounting for more than 28.1%, Guangdong ranked the third, accounting for more than 18.2%. 

2. Transportation Industry Buyers Attention Analysis on

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According to statistics, the first ten months of 2012, transportation industry buyers attention highest sub-sectors is Bicycle, Tricycle & Parts, the visibility was significantly higher than that of the second Truck & Bus, about 1.7 times of that.

3. Bicycle (Including Freight Tricycle) Industry Analysis on

  • Bicycle, Tricycle & Parts Industry Hot Search Keywords and Buyers Distribution

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Bicycle Industry Analysis Report,2012_7

Bicycle Industry Analysis Report,2012_8

View from the Bicycle, Tricycle & Parts industry hot search keywords, the most popular products are Bicycle, Bicycle frame, mountain bike, tricycles, electric Tricycle and folding bicycles.

From the Bike Buyer distribution, we can see search volume ranked in the top ten countries respectively is Kenya, USA, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, India, and Poland. Kenya buyers search volume ranks first in the top ten countries, accounting for nearly 1/3 of total bike search volume, followed by the USA, accounting for 11.63%.

The first country of mountain bike buyers search volume is Spain, accounting for 18.56% in the top ten total search mountain bike countries, Australia is the second, accounting for more than 17.42%, after Spain. USA, United Kingdom, Italy is respectively in third, fourth and fifth place.

Among the top ten countries of folding bike search volume, the USA ranked the highest, United Kingdom second, third in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines respectively in the fourth and fifth.

The USA is the highest tricycle searches country, accounting for 26.97% in the top ten tricycle demanding countries search amount, far higher than the second Polish. Search volume ranked second to the fifth country respectively is Poland, Romania, Germany and Nigeria, search volume little difference.


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