Trade Resources Industry Views Dow launches New Resins for Ultra-Low VOC Coatings at SSPC 2015

Dow launches New Resins for Ultra-Low VOC Coatings at SSPC 2015

In step with green building trends in commercial and institutional architecture, Dow Coating Materials (DCM) introduced two new resin technologies for low and ultra-low VOC coatings this week during the 2015 SSPC Conference and Exhibition. Manicote AEH Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid combines the weatherability and UV resistance of acrylics with the chemical resistance of epoxies for two-component (2K) concrete coatings. Expanding on its offerings for direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings, DCM also launched Manicote 4950 Acrylic Resin, an offering that combines three technical innovations in one binder for high performance with less VOC.

“Coatings are increasingly recognized as contributing to holistic green building design by helping enhance durability and protection properties,” said Mary Rose Correa, North American industrial coatings field marketing manager, Dow Coating Materials. “Our new Manicote Resins build on the durability and protection properties of metal and concrete coatings while lowering VOC to low and ultra-low levels.”

“The use of natural lighting is a growing trend in green building that reduces the cost and carbon footprint associated with artificial lighting,” said Leo Procopio, technical service group leader, Dow Coating Materials. “In addition to lowering VOC to ultra-low levels, Manicote AEH Resin adds the UV resistance that’s needed to fight the yellowing that can occur in daylighted interiors.”

Procopio will address low VOC coating innovations that can help create more sustainable industrial coatings on Thursday, February 5 at 8:30 a.m. during a mini session at The 2015 SSPC Conference & Exhibition.

Coatings regulations continue to evolve and create demand for solutions with even lower VOC. Manicote 4950 Acrylic Resin provides high-performance at VOC levels of 50 g/L or less as compared to commercial products with equal or higher VOC levels.

“The breadth of coating applications in commercial architecture spans a wide range of regulatory requirements,” said Correa. “The broad utility of Manicote 4950 allows us to offer a single resin solution that meets this wide range of requirements without sacrificing sustainability or performance.”

Compared to current DTM finish coats formulated at various VOC levels, Manicote 4950 Resin offers an improved balance of hardness, corrosion and durability properties, as well as good architectural gloss and trim paint properties.

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Dow Introduces New Resins for Ultra-Low VOC Coatings at SSPC 2015
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